Phone: 513-713-0613

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Around 27% of people reported it as "Unknown"
There has been a total of 40 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "Denorth, Denorth"
31, Jul. 2013

I'm not sure who this caller is, but I wish they'd stop calling.

22, Aug. 2013

They call here and never answer!

14, Sep. 2013

They call multiple times, back to back.; I never answer but they keep calling. Usually around the same time each day.

6, Oct. 2013

I receive one or two calls daily. If I answer they ask for my husband, now deceased. I tell them not to call this number but hang up calls have continued on a daily basis.

21, Oct. 2013

They call me about everyday. When I did pick up phone and answered, there was silence.

27, Dec. 2013

they call every day. don't know why but when i see the number i don't pick up. very annoying.

2, Jan. 2014

some type of energy company. Called them back asked to stop calling me. It wouldnt be so bad but when I answer nothing happens. That is really annoying

22, Jan. 2014

I am sick and tired of this company calling me every day and not only once but 3 times a day!!!! you are so stupid of you people. I am calling the police to see if they can do something about you. I have other friends say the same thing. Get them awa6y from my telephone number.

20, Feb. 2014

Very annoying....never answer it ...same time each and every day!,,wish there as some way to block,

25, Feb. 2014

If anyone is serious about a harassement calls with this company send me a msg I have their address and contact number

ella joyner
31, Mar. 2014

I am sick and tired of this company calling me 3 times per day. They have been doing this for months. Can't you do something else- Get a real job and get a life . you are NUTS.

6, Apr. 2014

this number has been calling me since i moved to ohio and i have not picked up bc i know its telemarketer because only three people know my home number. so tonight by accident my toddler pressed redial last caller and i hung it up quick. some older lady with a heavy country accent calls back and says, who is this? I'm not telling you who i am but why are you calling my brothers phone?! i said sorry lady but this number calls me 3 times a day so who is this??!!!! i would like it to stop immediately.

8, May. 2014

They call about three times a day. When answered they ask if I had financial authority on the house. I hung up.

7, Aug. 2014

Garbage a*s company. You have nothing better to do than call people and hang up? I wish I got paid to make crank garbage calls like you f***s

16, Aug. 2014

They call multiple times a day. When I answer, there is silence on the other end. Isn't there something that can be done about this? Started August 2014, and still having issue.

18, Aug. 2014

I think it's a gas company. After a week of calling multiple times a day (with silence on their end if I answered, mind you), they finally answered when I said hello. They asked to speak to the person who takes care of the gas. I told them that would be the government, since I live in government housing. Not only do they call a bunch of time throughout the day, usually not say anything when I pick up, but now they don't research before they call. Not a good way to run a business, if you ask me.

19, Aug. 2014

I answered one time a few months back and they asked to speak to the person who handles the gas bill. Our house is all electric so I told them such and asked that they stop calling. She assured me they would, but I get calls from them at least once a day. Every time I answer, complete silence.

19, Aug. 2014

5 Hang up calls today when I answer this has been going on for months getting pretty POed .Even called back and it just goes dead

3, Oct. 2014

call 3or 4 time a day but no one is ever on the other end I hated it wish I could do something about it

9, Oct. 2014

Call 2-5 times a day . I usually don't answer, but today I did and there was no response . It fills up my caller id. Wish they would stop calling.

15, Oct. 2014

I receive 5-6 calls a day from these people and no one is ever there. I called the number back last night and told the rep to take my number off our list. She ignored that and started rambling about 6% whatever. I repeated over and over again to stop calling before hanging up. I received another call today. How can we all make this stop?

18, Oct. 2014

This company calls my phone at least 3 to 5 times a day anytime I have picked up there is no one there....I wish they would quite call

18, Oct. 2014

calls repeatedly and demands I get electric bill so they can save me money

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