Phone: 513-573-7978

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Mason, Ohio
Its exchange 573 is managed by UNITED TEL CO OF OHIO
The number is currently on switch number MASNOHXARS1 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 50% of people reported it as "Unknown"
There has been a total of 14 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "513-573-7978, Macy's Business Opportunity"
3, Sep. 2012

Calling far to often - id says Ohio Call, but no message left. Was wondering if anyone had heard from them.

6, Sep. 2012

Keeps calling business number but leaves no message??

10, Nov. 2012

Its a collection agent for Macys, and they refuse to believe any payment has been scheduled. They refuse to follow collection laws, and continue to call despite being referred to the MO states attorney, and being told the payment has been made. These people are not nice...

10, Nov. 2012

This number is calling us four to six times daily. I answer, and there is nobody there. No person, no recording, nothing.

Irwin, PA.
10, Nov. 2012

This number calls my home several times a day. They never leave a message and when you answer the phone, no one speaks. It definitely sounds like someone IS on the other line, but they never respond.

30, Mar. 2013

thye never leave a message want money macys account has been paid in full but they call anyway

30, Mar. 2013

I am assuming it is from Macy's as I owe $124.68... I set up to pay online the total amount and it is registered through the official Macy's site. Don't know why they are still calling...I'm just not going to answer....

4, Apr. 2013

This call comes in 2 -3 times a day. Don't know who it is, no message, and I'm current on my Macy's account if that is what it's about. How can we stop it?

5, Apr. 2013

My telco provider blocks all anonymous calls, forcing caller ID to be enabled before the call is routed to my phone. I have a Panasonic 6.0 Plus phone system on my line which allows me to block any numbers I want. These idiots began calling me about a week ago. I answered the first call, no one there. I answered the second call, no one there. So into the block list they went. I look at my caller logs and see they called me 4 times today. What they get when they call is a "number disconnected" tone, followed by a hangup. This should deter them from calling what appears to be a disconnected line. I am listed on, and report every infraction listed in my call report. Anyway, I don't presently, nor ever had any relationship with Macys. I have found the best way to deal with these sorts of idiots and all telemarketers is to take technical countermeasures against them. With my shields up, I am rarely bothered by these clowns, and in the rare times I am, it will only happen once if that many times. 1) block all anonymous and blocked calls 2) install a call blocker with a black list to deal with those spammers who are stupid enough to release their caller ID and get in. Cheers!!

Las Vegas
27, Jul. 2013

This number calls every day 5-6 times a day - no one there - no recording - NADA !! Very annoying

8, Aug. 2013

constant harassing calls from this #, no answer to my hello. When I call back it is Macy's/Bloomingdale's, I do not have a balance. I ended up closing my account because they kept waking me up in the am when I have been sick. Repeated pleas to them to stop calling do nothing. I cannot block their number. I called Macy's corporate 888-622-9793 they say it's a 'courtesy call' but they are harassing their customers. They are also using 513-573-8031, 513-573-8717, 513-754-9863, 727-556-5772. If you have extra minutes on your phone, call them and be silent for five minutes like they do, to tie up their phone lines, it will end up costing them more money so maybe they will stop giving cold calls to customers on the do not call list. Someone should get on 4chan and ask for help respamming them back

10, Sep. 2013

How do I make this number stop calling me?????

10, Nov. 2013

I don't owe anyone money. I've told these people 3 times to stop calling me. They tell me they have a "business opportunity" for me. BUT when I spoke to one person, she immediately wanted my Macy's account number--but they called me. I think it's a scam. I've told them 3 times to stop calling as I'm on the "National Do Not Call List". When I told them that, they asked foe my name. What difference does that make? Again, verifying in my mind this is some kind of scam operation.

Pissed off
15, Nov. 2013

This number started calling me out of the blue a few days ago. They call 6-8 times a day. I wait for them to leave a message. Never happens. Sometimes if you text the number back. Tell them IN CAPS to stop calling or you will report them, it actually works. That is my next move.

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