Area Code 512

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Area code: 512
State: Texas
Country: USA
9, Aug. 2017

Strange call would not leave name and said he knows my husband. Creepy

Cell phone customer
3, Aug. 2017

Rude person claiming to be from Shriners Would not let me get off phone, asked for credit card and then finally got irritated when I was not interested and hung up on me. Calling back gets fast busy. Scam jerk +1 (512) 240-8386

2, Aug. 2017

Per other posts I've seen online, I just updated my resume on to include my phone number and 1 day later I got a call from this number. They left a message that was 12 seconds of just silence then disconnected. When I called the number back someone said, "Hello," but did not wait for my response and quickly hung up. I called 2 more times but only got busy signals.

26, Jul. 2017

I have been receiving calls from this series every day as well. It is quite annoying when you are supposedly registered on the Do Not Call list.

Robbie Dawg
25, Jul. 2017

Left a text message saying "I work with small business owner, There are new health insurance plans that are usable. You don't have to spend money on a deductible before you get coverage, these plans have no deductibles offering full coverage in the Cigna PPO network. Rates 15% lower than the previous open enrollment. its easy to switch from another plan & enroll now if you have no plan! "

25, Jul. 2017

Same, blocked at least 10 numbers

19, Jul. 2017

This number calls us up to ten times daily and has ignored numerous requests to remove us from their call list

16, Jul. 2017

called me 7/13/17, at 9 pm said they were from the IRS, they left a message saying they were from the IRS, however the same thing happened to a friend of mine and she said to report this call as it is a scam, they had a lot of info on me and wanted to talk a settlement. I'm going thru identify theft and I have no idea how they had so much info on me The IRS dose not make calls at 9pm at night, so come Monday morning I'm Calling the Police Dept. and talk to the detective that is handling my case. Scared the heck out of me as I'm a senior citizen, they said they were sending a certified letter to me and if I did not respond I would be in jail. My friend said this is a Nigerian scam, do not talk to these people. It is not the IRS. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

14, Jul. 2017

Called my cell but only rang twice and hung up

10, Jul. 2017

This lady is rude and will not tell me who she is. She will call and not leave a message, When I call her back, of course it goes to voicemail. It is a marketing call with apparently a person/company with no ethics. I'd recommend continuously calling and NOT leaving a message just so she knows how it feels to continuously be bothered.

9, Jul. 2017

They come from multiple states and numbers.

9, Jul. 2017

Said I was eligible for funds

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