Area Code 512

Additional information:

Area code: 512
State: Texas
Country: USA
23, Jun. 2017

United States prescription card it asks to leave your name and number

No-Call Listed Phone
20, Jun. 2017

They won't leave a message, but they'll record your voice & you'll get magazines out the Wazoo.

19, Jun. 2017

wants to know if I am interested in some write up work....this is the second time he has called...

16, Jun. 2017

stop calling

16, Jun. 2017

This is part of a group series of numbers, I have used up my entire allowable block calls and just received a call from this number. I sent a message asking to not be called from whatever company this is, any other calls I will consider as harassment.

16, Jun. 2017

This number called me after I spoke with an IRS Agent. She was trying to keep me on the phone for a long time. It doesnt take that long to let me know my offer and compromise was being considered. Then she said she wanted to get advice from her Supervisor. I hung up because I wasn;t feeling her or her unprofessional comments... I thought I was talking to someone from a half way house. and this is the number that called me back. If its a scammer its someone on the inside providing the scammer with information. Scary....

14, Jun. 2017

Says he collects debt for companies. Did not believe I was capable of handling his request - was it because I'm a woman?) I was persistent in telling him we have no bad debt but he persists, says he know all about my write offs (no one outside of me in the office is aware of any write offs), basically calling me a liar, used foul language which I immediately kiboshed. I had fun until I put him on hold and he hung up on me. I hope I get to meet him face to face one day...

14, Jun. 2017

The Burnet 512-234 are all scam calls. Been blocking all of them.

12, Jun. 2017

Tried to buy tanning bed off Craigslist for $1000 and sent fake cashiers check $2430 said to give extra to movers used a different number first then switched to the 512952-4502.

7, Jun. 2017

He called me about a program for homeowners to switch their electricity and then ended the call by saying "peace" lol

6, Jun. 2017

Car Warranty Scam

5, Jun. 2017

Phone rang, I aid hello, no response, caller ended call

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