Phone: 512-590-2348

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Austin, Texas
Its exchange 590 is managed by T-MOBILE USA, INC.
The number is currently on switch number AUSWTXGX1MD (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 42% of people reported it as "Unknown"
There has been a total of 19 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "US Dental , Austin, TX"
13, Aug. 2013

These people call me constantly looking for some guy who they know doesn't speak english and I ask over and over again to be removed as I am not this hispanic male they are looking for and they've even told me they have the wrong # but continue to call.

21, Aug. 2013

soon as I looked at the caller ID they hung up?dont know who this was 8/21/13 @ 0915 hrs

21, Aug. 2013

Not sure who it is soon as i pick up they hang up on me

24, Sep. 2013

Not sure who call is from, but appears to be a scammer due to repeated nature of calls. As soon as I pick up phone, they hang up.

3, Oct. 2013

As soon as i silenced the call they hung up. Don't know who it is, but judging from the other comments on here, I'm glad i didn't answer.

14, Oct. 2013

They call my cell and never leave a voicemail

22, Oct. 2013

Didn't answer because I was already on the phone, but when I called back, it was from someone trying to get you to go with a U.S. Dental Plan. Don't bother answering.

22, Oct. 2013

It called me today, I silenced it, they did not leave a message

26, Oct. 2013

Called my cell, left no message

30, Oct. 2013

Called at 7:33pm, left no message.

15, Nov. 2013

Called and when I answered there was a hangup. If it is a telemarketer, I have listed all of my numbers with the Do Not Call registry and I will pursue relief with the appropriate agencies.

18, Feb. 2014

Called for 2 rings and hung up. No Message

P. Michele Ellison, FCC Chief, Enfrcmnt.
25, Feb. 2014

We are aware of this number. The callers are using a "spoof" number. Our Analytics Dept. is examining this case extensively and are determined to prosecute any and all parties involved within this "outfit", or group, to the fullest extent of the law. Our FCC has received numerous complaints as to the persons behind this spoofing operation as they are harrassing the public (spoofing phone #'s is not illegal, however, repeated calls or verbal harassment is illegal). Please report any instance of phone harrassment via the FCC. We have developed and honed technologies to detect the origin of spoofed calls. We, the FCC, have made prosecuting harassing telephone operators, marketers, et., our number one priority this year. When using the link above try to give us as much information as possible, time of day, # of times called, name(s) of any person you spoke with (even though the callers are using fake names), the name of the Co. they claim they represent, types of service they offer, et. DO NOT give them your personal information! HOWEVER, act as if you may be interested, keep them on the phone as long as you possibly can, use a vague general name if they ask your name. Again, speak to these callers as if you are interested in their services in order to keep them on the phone as long as possible. Make sure you report the time of day they called (note your time zone), and also note if they are calling you on your mobile device (repeated calls to your mobile device can carry heavier penalties when we prosecute these phone spoof operators). Tell us if you've asked a particular operator ("Company") to stop calling you before. (The reason these Phone Rooms continue to call you, despite your request to be removed from their call list, or the fact that you are on the National Do Not Call Registry, is because they are hiding behind "spoofed" numbers). Advanced technologies have made the origin of these calls trackable, or traceable (to exact point of origin). Future legislation will soon be passed banning the use of "spoofed origin" calls completely. I assure you, the FCC is conducting a massive investigation into spoof call originators. Through our meta data records and combined with advanced, location and point of origin technologies -we have accumulated an extraordinary amount of information on the many spoof call perpetrators. With your help, we can put an end to these harassing telephone rooms. We are working together with different International Organizations and Countries to mount our largest campaign, effort, in history to put an end to, ceasing these operators from their ongoing harassment via telephone. These perpetrators will also be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, within the US as well as their country of origin. Please see 01/2014 FCC Bulletin for further information. P. Michele Ellison, FCC Chief, Enfrcmnt.

25, Feb. 2014

One ring only call to my cell phone from this number in the middle of the day.

16, Mar. 2014

This number called my cell phone....left no message (3/16/14@ 3:27pmCST).

24, Jun. 2014

Offering discount dental, I have a calls blacklist on my cell, they won't bother me anymore.

24, Jun. 2014

Called my cell phone on6/18/2014 @ 5:47 pm.

30, Jun. 2014

Someone called. I swiped to answer but the call ended. I called back (before searching this forum) and I got a busy signal. After reading these cmments, I have listed the number as "do not answer".

2, Jul. 2014

hang up after 2 rings to my cell

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