Area Code 510

Additional information:

Area code: 510
State: California
Country: USA
24, Jan. 2018

Just an update they are selling a 2000 Honda Accord gold color:

23, Jan. 2018

I made the mistake of pressing 1 to speak to an operator.

23, Jan. 2018

Woman left a message stating I was approved for a $250,000 business loan and needed more personal information and to call her back at this number.

23, Jan. 2018

Please , please stop these unwanted bothersome phone calls.

23, Jan. 2018

I have no IRS issues and believe this to be a phone scam.

22, Jan. 2018

Responds to Craigslist ads insisting that you send him your personal information so that he can send you a check for payment. His payment terms are suspicious. Also, he's responding to an CL ad that's a 1000 miles from his area code. Strong possibility he's a phisher/scammer.

22, Jan. 2018

A computerized voice let me know that my computer was having a problem (it does not) and to press "1"... etc. Obviously a scam pretending to be from Apple Inc.

21, Jan. 2018

Claimed to be with xfinity and was insisting on upgrading my plan by telling me what they were GOING to do. Seemed very fishy. Told them not to change a thing on my plan but feel this might be a new version of getting you to say the word "yes" while being recorded.

20, Jan. 2018

Call came from Honolulu, HI

20, Jan. 2018

It does not identify the company.

20, Jan. 2018

At one point I was receiving 3 calls a day.

19, Jan. 2018

They also call, with no answer nor sound, and hang up after a few seconds.

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