Area Code 510

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Area code: 510
State: California
Country: USA
21, Jun. 2017

Same comments as noted above. (June 21, 2017). I immediately requested confirmation of who "Jeremy" represented and asked where he got my number for this so called promotion.. Can you hear me? Stupidly, I responded "Yes". The apparent recorded message and response appeared to be a loop recording which abruptly ended when I said, "Give me further information because there's too many scams being perpetrated and I'm covered by the VA for my health needs.- Where did you get my phone #? KR (in PA) ......dead air!

Warning Everyone
20, Jun. 2017

Another obvious fake ID scammer. Don't answer or or voice will be recorded for future personaliaed scamming. Only legitmate businesses repect the No-Call List....all others are dirty scamming jerks. Here's more scammer not answer! 307-215-5491 385-325-6121 801-410-7837 832-942-3917

19, Jun. 2017

Said they was from the U.S Treasury Dept fraud ..said I would be arrested if I did not reply to them the operator have a badge number .

17, Jun. 2017

Supposedly UC Berkeley looking for Alumni.

17, Jun. 2017

Caller just hung up. SPAM

13, Jun. 2017

Left no message

9, Jun. 2017

Calling everyday. No message at all..

8, Jun. 2017

said two word ? and hung up not the first time usually answering machine picks up i have an unlisted number and this is bs

7, Jun. 2017

Calls every day no message

5, Jun. 2017

Message on my phone sounded like Pakistan or India they screaming in bad accent "" HELLO HELLO HELLO YOU THERE YOU THERE "" over & over !! I don't answer unknown calls and never,ever will !!!! Stupid lazy no good scum bags ..why can't they go to work if there on the phone 24/7 Legal terrorist !!!

Fed up on SF
4, Jun. 2017

Calls every night and morning and just hangs up - no one is there. I don't have the capability on my Land Line to block so I just ignore! Am so fed up with all these harassing calls constantly

3, Jun. 2017

510 764 5717 & 510 764 5417 BROADWING COMMUNICATIONS SF

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