Area Code 510

Additional information:

Area code: 510
State: California
Country: USA
21, Oct. 2017

no one on line when I answered. no recording; nothing.

21, Oct. 2017

Please penalize it for harassing us in violation of National Donot Call Rule.

20, Oct. 2017

These are habitual callers (multiple times in a week)- all recordings.

20, Oct. 2017

I let answering machine take the call and they hang up.

20, Oct. 2017

Someone called me from this number, a male with some accent, saying was a personal matter, when I asked about company name and nature of the call, he hangs up on me. Be aware (Scammers)!!!

WTF Was That???
20, Oct. 2017

Another cracked out escort!!! Went to his hotel in Sunnyvale.the dude was like are you down for bareback? He asked if I wanted a hit from the pipe. His ad says nothing about no Drugs. If you want to really end up in Jail this is the one for you! I told him to pull his Ads down and stop being fake with people. He got angry and said he's calling someone to remove me from the spot! I was like excuse me? He responds try me BITCH! My review:: King V is Cracked out and unprofessional! Needs to be socked in the Ying Yang!!! Biiiiiiiiitttttccccchhhh!

19, Oct. 2017

I think its a timeshare sales company but they will not remove you from their list when request is made.

19, Oct. 2017

This is a recorded message about reducing credit card interest rates.

19, Oct. 2017

Call is recorded on my answering machine.

19, Oct. 2017

This company Gila Corp calls me at least once a day sometime 2 times a day it is a recorded message

19, Oct. 2017

Please investigate this is getting rediculous.

19, Oct. 2017

There was a recorded message about it being a chat line.

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