Phone: 510-972-8827

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Union City, California
Its exchange 972 is managed by BROADWING COMMUNICATIONS, LLC
The number is currently on switch number SNJTCAPUDS0 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 40% of people reported it as "Unknown"
There has been a total of 10 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "Frnk Grnlf, CA, California energy upgrade"
27, Nov. 2012

They are driving me nuts!!!!!!

28, Nov. 2012

They rang 4 times and stopped just before I was about to pick up

30, Nov. 2012

They are calling me all times of day an nite. I have a unlisted number an am on the "Do Not call list" I thought we can report them an they will get in trouble..or fined.

6, Dec. 2012

Caller ID says "FRNK GRNLF CA". Rang three times, then stopped.

6, Dec. 2012

"California energy upgrade" They call once, maybe twice a day. I went ahead and pushed 1 to get to a live person. He asked if I was calling to receive a free "California energy upgrade" ? I said no and that I want to be removed from their data base. He told me to"Shut up and stop talking" then hung up on me. That is when you really wish you could reach out and TOUCH someone. I would have choked is a*s. Boy I was MAD!!!

7, Dec. 2012

called. no answer.

10, Dec. 2012

Synopsis of psychological profile - typical personality characterist for "hangup caller": Pathology is rooted in unresolved anger and internal feelings of inferiority that manifest in acting out behaviors such as hanging up on others or some other behavior that causes annoyance or pain to others. This is a way for the perpetrator make others feel the pain that he/she feels. Also, it is a way to "strike back" at the original object (person) by proxy (using others) for whom he/she holds as responsible for their pain. One scenerio could be that their mother or father were in some way perceived as abandoning or abusive or rejecting to them. They in turn, "act out this behavior" on others. Unfortunately, because they have not sought treament (or treatment has not been successful) they do not understand the reason for their pain and thus have not "worked through" the feelings and the resultant misdirected perception that they are bad people who must act badly (a belief that they "bought into" from the original perceived abuse or abandonment or rejecton). Hopefully, at some point, they will find a qualified MFC or LCSW counselor through their community mental health clinic and get the treatment they need to end their suffering and the suffering they have inflicted on others.Reply !

12, Dec. 2012

Four calls in four hours. Need to put this business out of business.

19, Dec. 2012

Over and over and over I get calls from this number. I do not answer........sometimes they leave a message; sometimes they do not. I am reporting them to the "do not call" line, but it looks like others have done that with no results. All we can do is try!

Old Granny
10, Jan. 2013

Robo call about PG&E bills. They are more annoying than raised rates! And pathetic. I'll block 'em. Wish there was a way to charge them - then PG&E wouldn't have to raise rates

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