Area Code 509

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Area code: 509
State: Washington
Country: USA
17, Dec. 2017

When will they abide by the law and stop calling me?

16, Dec. 2017

Dial 509 476 3376

16, Dec. 2017

Indian voice, threat for another BS- called before 9am on Saturday, . didn't even listen

15, Dec. 2017

I have told them that the phone number is on the do not call registry.

15, Dec. 2017

automated message trying to pass itself off as the IRS. complete scam. the text used to generate the message isn't even in good English.

15, Dec. 2017

Called me 11/16/17. Left message, claimed that the IRS is investigating myself and my family. My number is on a Tracfone and is NOT registered to anyone's name. Therefore it is impossible to investigate anybody! The sound of the call wavered in & out, which I found out was probably being made from a sat. phone possibly coming out of northern Africa. Do not call them back or try to talk to them. Block the number if you can.

15, Dec. 2017

As soon as I start to explain that there is no such loan he quickly hangs up on me.

15, Dec. 2017

He then kept asking me over and over for my banking information.

15, Dec. 2017

This # is using the same recording as 7184509204 & 7027057302 which is the most natural sounding & interactive recording we've heard.

15, Dec. 2017

Said there was a warrant issued for my arrest due to some irs thing. I know for a fact that I don't owe anything.... Scam

14, Dec. 2017

I have received 2 phone calls regarding to my tax filings and getting sued by the IRS.. Plus ,getting taken in by the local cops. Fisrt one Dec. 8th , and yesterday Dec. 13th of 2017. BEWARE!!!! Numbers , are 1-864-302-6723 / 1-509-779-2290

14, Dec. 2017

They have many numbers, so it is hard to register all of them

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