Area Code 509

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Area code: 509
State: Washington
Country: USA
24, Sep. 2018

I immediately knew this was a scam. If someone were to sue me then I’d get physically served with the lawsuit, not a recorded messsge on my cell phone. Furthermore, I have a reputable cpa file my taxes so why should I be in trouble with the IRS when the IRS has never even audited me? I’m blocking the number. I feel sorry for the elderly who may be confused and not realize immediately that this is a scam.

24, Sep. 2018

They do not use the legal heading on their communications - they hide their ID and won't stop calling.

24, Sep. 2018

I did not push either as I had read online that this company was using the information received while trying to reject the call.

24, Sep. 2018

I have complained to you, the do not call list site, several times but the calls are worse then ever.

24, Sep. 2018

It seems this number is pretending to be a federal government agency threatening with legal action

22, Sep. 2018

They call up to 5 times a day and it doesn't stop.

21, Sep. 2018

I just received two calls today but did not answer.. Voice message I will be arrested by local police. To contact them asap. Blocked them!

21, Sep. 2018

Called that number back because I knew it was a scam and told them to remove the number from their list. Of course they try and play the part but I told him straight up that he is full of sh*t because the IRS would never call if their is a problem, and told him that my own tax guy told me so and reassured me that everything is fine. Still tried to play the part and then asked for the phone number that was being called and said "yea ok it will be removed". DO NOT FALL FOR THIS BS!!! ITS A SCAM!!!

20, Sep. 2018

This has been going on for months, but the 5+ times a day has just recently started.

20, Sep. 2018

which I did, telling them I was reporting them and to stop calling me.

20, Sep. 2018

so please shut them down.

20, Sep. 2018

The call starts as a recording saying this is your final notice to reduce your credit card interest.

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