509-739-7745 (Scammers)

  • Scam is known as: "Rachel from credit card services.
  • Has been around since 2009
  • Declared public enemy number one by FTC
  • Latest people reported the number as that of "Canadian Pharmacy, 509-739-7745"
  • Around 30% of people reported it as "Unknown"
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7, Jan. 2014

My family and I have no business with these people- they claim to be involved with pharmaceuticals?! Everytime they call my house they are rude and hang up on me. I don't even know what they want? Does anyone have a clue what business they are in or how to get them to stop calling?

8, Jan. 2014

asked to stop calling

8, Jan. 2014

They called me today. Thick Indian accent that I could barely understand. Something about a pharmacy. I said "If you're not calling from Caremark (my pharmacy" then quit calling me."

10, Jan. 2014

They just keep calling. My number is on the national do not call list with the Federal Government.

14, Jan. 2014

I simply do not answer calls like that.

15, Jan. 2014

I block these calls whenever I get them. The iPhone has a feature to block calls. So, I've been consistently blocking these unsolicited calls whenever I receive them. Having my phone number on the Do Not Call national registy is a joke when it comes to these types of calls

15, Jan. 2014

This is an online Canadian Pharmacy that does not require a prescription. They are difficult to deal with because their customer service is horrible. I got worried since they never called me back or answered my emails, so I cancelled my credit card number and got a new number. In the end I got by drugs and there was no problem, but I will not do any more business with them because there is no way to trust them.

18, Jan. 2014

they sound like maybe could be commycare navigators selling canadian drugs out of wash. state on the side

21, Jan. 2014

These people call me 2 times a day 5 days a week or more!! I have told them repeatedly I am not interested in anything and they call the next day. there should be a class action against this entity and any company/ telephone company that allows this to continue it is harassment plain and simple and aggravating and distracting, It also uses up my minutes on my phone plan this needs to stop!!! The are monetary damages and it better stop now!!

24, Jan. 2014

Had a friend locate the spammers, traced back to the company address below!! 8895 Towne Centre Drive Suite 105.236, San Diego, CA 92122 http://www.wholesalewarranties.com (858) 658-0530 (800) 939-2806 (855) 991 9173

26, Jan. 2014

Did not answer as not a recognized number. Answering machine picked up and they hung up.

28, Jan. 2014

I get so many annoying calls hat I do not answer my phone unless I recognize the caller or the number. Someone has been calling from this number every few days for the last month. If I could, I would hit them with a harassment suit or a baseball bat.

30, Jan. 2014

I got them to stop. They were calling daily, sometimes 2 or 3 times per day. I started to say I was interested and asked them to hold on so I could get my credit card. I put the phone down and never came back. When I finally do pick it up again, if someone is still there, I ask, \"How does it feel to have your time wasted like you waste mine?\" I did this for the next week and the calls finally stopped. One called me back and swore at me which made me smile. It was nice to know that I managed to cause him as much aggravation as he caused me. They must be on commission.

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