Phone: 509-214-2812

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Newman Lake, Washington
Its exchange 214 is managed by XO WASHINGTON, INC.
The number is currently on switch number SPKNWADZDS2 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 47% of people reported it as "Unknown"
There has been a total of 19 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "Kelsey, Newman, lake wa"
18, Jan. 2013

Calls in the evening and then hangs up when I answer. No idea who this is.

19, Jan. 2013

19, Jan. 2013

Call twice, do not leave message

22, Jan. 2013

called and hung up before i could even get to my phone...which was a cell phone not sure how they got it...

23, Jan. 2013

1st call - 1/17/13 @ 8:32pm 2nd call - 1/18/13 @ 8:23pm 3rd call - 1/21/13 @ 7:19pm 4th call - 1/22/13 @ 7:32 VERY annoying. Does not leave a message.

23, Jan. 2013

has called a couple times. Leaves no message. Not sure how they got my number

23, Jan. 2013

Called 3 times now on my cell phone. Don't know how they got the number. Happens each night around 8pm. Never leaves a message.

24, Jan. 2013

Every d**n day since 1/17/13.

26, Jan. 2013

Calls several times no answer and no message.

26, Jan. 2013

All, I only just started getting calls from this number. But from what you say, this may be one of those numbers that, if you pick up the call, adds fake charges to your phone or cable bill. Which is why I don't bother answering calls anymore that I do not recognize. Check your bills, or better yet call your service provider to see if any charges are being racked against their members by this number.

16, Feb. 2013

Keeps calling my cell number do not know how (they,he or she)got it I do not answer it and just decline it. I wish there was a way to block it. Sometimes it calls in the middle of the night

8, Nov. 2013

greeaat, just got my first call from this number. sonsabitches

28, Dec. 2013

I too just received a call from this number. When I answered my phone, the other end hung up.

28, Dec. 2013

12-28-13 Tried to get information about a newspaper account. Would not identify themself. This is a scammer. Block all calls from this number if possible. Provide no information to this caller.

29, Dec. 2013

hangs up... late night... 12/23/2013. heavy breather. On my do not call Federal registry and still calls... Frontier/Verizon phones hacked and they can't figure it out. 3rd party calls too... December 2013. Verizon comment, you don't own your phone. Well, then who ever does. F'n pay the monthly bill... doinks.

29, Dec. 2013

509-214-2812 / 5092142812 - Tri-City Herald, WA It is the Tri-City herald sales/marketing associates - layout specialist who were terminated, the last I heard. I googled them, yep, they moved to Renton. I tried to contact two of them and McClasky newspaper - owners said they no longer work there. too late, they printed for record - one way false advertisements and identity theft... posing as a step-mother relative in the local police reports.

4, Jan. 2014

Keeps calling me also at 8:37 pm. Does not leave message. I am also on the do not call register.

10, Jan. 2014

Newman Lake call 8:52pm....not the first time.....nobody on other end when answered.... Many calls like this....I find it difficult to believe the Phone companies can not track a phone number and collect these people for prosecution. Just a waste of time placing the number on a no call list....

21, Nov. 2014

Report this number to

15, Jan. 2015

Said she was calling from my local paper. This area is about 200 miles from home in another state.

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