Area code 508
Anonymous is reporting 508-310-5763:

Why don't you follow up on these companies that thumb their noses at the law, and the rest of us?

Reported 19, Dec. 2014.
Anonymous is reporting 508-202-9199:

this number is also calling our # b(6)

Reported 18, Dec. 2014.
Anonymous is reporting 508-283-1465:

same recording always receives, just different number.

Reported 16, Dec. 2014.
Anonymous is reporting 508-556-6434:

Recorded Message - Telemarketer - Lower Your Interest Rate!

Reported 15, Dec. 2014.
Know your rights is reporting 508-217-1651:

This number has been calling me daily. They Try to sound scary and make threats that you will go to jail and they need to serve papers for a debt owed. I was a collections manager for years and bottom line is : You have to be served civil papers first and be summoned by a court in your state or province.and you can't go to jail for a debt (unless you were writing bad checks and then you would have a warrant from your local law agency). This company is using illegal tactics that violate the Federal Fair Debt Collection Act. In my state a collection agency has to be licensed in my state to collect from a person living in said state ( no matter where debt occurred). This company is a bottom feeder meaning they bought old debt for pennies and are trying to cash in. They are quite possibly over seas and are defiantly not legal. Also in my state I can check the state repository court records which will show if someone has filed a suit or any legal action. Hope this helps someone rest easier .i have reported this number to my states department of finance and blocked the number

Reported 9, Dec. 2014.
Anonymous is reporting 508-532-7496:

This is a loan company calling to ask me to apply for a loan.

Reported 6, Dec. 2014.
Liam is reporting 508-212-8284:

Don't worry everyone. My mom was contacted by this person and texted nasty and uncalled for messages and language. We talked to the police and they said they would track the number with the phone comany. This person is going to get what they deserve.

Reported 5, Dec. 2014.
Anonymous is reporting 508-623-9413:


Reported 5, Dec. 2014.
Anonymous is reporting 508-339-8019:

Said they "checked" the do not call list and my number was not on it.

Reported 3, Dec. 2014.
Anonymous is reporting 508-471-3759:

Repeat calls night and day. When answer phone no response. Harassing robo calls

Reported 2, Dec. 2014.
Anonymous is reporting 508-599-3648:


Reported 2, Dec. 2014.
Anonymous is reporting 508-368-7141:

John has left 5 explicit VMs in 2-days for "Sophie" to meet him at his local hotel room.

Reported 29, Nov. 2014.
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