Area Code 508

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Area code: 508
State: Massachusetts
Country: USA
26, Oct. 2016

To people complaining about this caller, 5087617097 is my PARENTS home phone number that had been HACKED , it's called phone spoofing the hacker uses my parents phone number to show up on ur ID. My parents are not hackers and if you call the # back it is explained in their voice mail message. We have complained to the FCC and they can't do anything about it, there is no way to trace who is doing it.

25, Oct. 2016

Recorded message claims to be able to enable you to keep your Google Places account. It gives a choice of keys to press, but hangs up with or without a response. Obviously, Google doesn't operate that way.

25, Oct. 2016

It is a robocall and they are claiming to be the IRS/ calling regarding a lawsuit by the IRS.

25, Oct. 2016

We get daily calls from these people.

21, Oct. 2016

I have a recording if you are interested in it.

21, Oct. 2016

When answered, hangs up.

20, Oct. 2016

tells me that if I am under the age of 65 I am eligible for non narcotic pain relief. you apply it directly to the pain site....move on people nothing to see here

19, Oct. 2016

I know it is not true as I have tech friends.

19, Oct. 2016

The call was on my cell phone and was a robo call.

18, Oct. 2016

Calls my cell day and back not active #..any clue?

17, Oct. 2016

They all come from: 919824xxxx.

17, Oct. 2016

I have no idea if my efforts are being heard, but I am tired of listening to the unwanted calls anymore.

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