Area Code 508

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Area code: 508
State: Massachusetts
Country: USA
18, Feb. 2017

calls and hangs up when my voicemail comes on. Annoys me.

17, Feb. 2017

Same experience as all of you. They are relentless!! Luckily i realized it was a scam before they got any pertinent info or money BUT they are harassing me to the point of madness. Really considering changing my phone number. Really hoping they give up soon. Today has been awful. This is only number of about 5 they've used and the rest have come from unknown or no caller ID . Which can't be blocked!!

17, Feb. 2017

I hate telemarketer calls as well, how to deal with a telemarketer then? I am on DNC list, I hope they won't call me again.

15, Feb. 2017

They are using the phone number of Brereton Jones to call my house.

12, Feb. 2017

I recieved two more unwanted phone calls from this number again today 11/01/15.

11, Feb. 2017

Also have my cell on the no call list for a couple of years now.thanks for your help.

9, Feb. 2017

I told them I am on the National Do Not Call Registry and to stop calling.

8, Feb. 2017

I replied This is b(6).

8, Feb. 2017

The caller said it was a "personal business call" and wouldn't give any more information.

7, Feb. 2017

medical debt for services,dr x-ray tech at a hospital Will call up to 2 per day everyday

7, Feb. 2017

Scammer who asked me if I could hear them ok - reportedly to elicit a "yes" so they could use my recorded response to charge me illegally with proof I verbally agreed to charges. Hang up!

7, Feb. 2017

posts fake RV ads

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