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is reporting
27, Feb. 2015

The number was what registered on my caller ID

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6, Aug. 2014

i just want them to stop calling

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28, Jan. 2014

I have received 15 calls from this number during January 2014. I have not picked up any of the calls... shows as "800 service" on my call ID

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25, Dec. 2013

Ignore their text!Got a text on 12/21 from Simply said, " call (508) 638- 5616 regarding Achieve account." This issue can also be resolved in a much easier way by just going through the much to easy quick link they so generously provided as well. Come on, really? It's a shame that they are trying to come accross as a legitimate place of employment and as an actual place of business. Stop trying to take advantage of people , especially those that may not know any better but to take things at face value, attempt to do the right thing, and then unwittingly fall victim to this bunch of village idiots. Go crawl back in the hole from where you came. Real sleezy