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16, May. 2017

Recorded message selling credit cards.

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1, May. 2017

Company keeps calling after I had asked them to remove my number.

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19, Apr. 2017

This call came to my cell phone which is also registered on the do not call list.

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4, Apr. 2017

Do these complaints do any good?

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27, Mar. 2017

I already got a call from these guys once, claiming to be working for google until forced to admit they weren't. i asked to be removed. this call was from a different number but same robot called "kate" who was warning me i haven't claimed my google plus listing yet.

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15, Dec. 2016

Callers are very aggressive and rude, selling alternate gas supplier service to our local NICOR gas service.

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19, Aug. 2016

The call began - Hi Mary.

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15, Aug. 2016

Keep calling me...debt collector? Not sure I refuse to answer

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29, Jul. 2016

There is no name from the caller

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27, Apr. 2016

It was trying to sell something about diabetes.

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24, Mar. 2016

I received a Phone call but It didn't speak a word!

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18, Feb. 2016

We do NOT know anyone in Atlanta, GA

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19, Jan. 2016

I didn't get to the phone in time to answer.

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7, Jan. 2016

This company calls at least twice a month.

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28, Dec. 2015

Plse make them stop!

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26, May. 2015

Yes, I filled out a survey online by mistake and the annoying calls started the same name. They call from all different numbers including this one. This is annoying !!

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2, Dec. 2014

Repeat calls night and day. When answer phone no response. Harassing robo calls

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9, Oct. 2014

They have been calling EVERY 2 WEEKS!!!

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12, Jun. 2014

Repeated calls. leaves no message, or says nothing and hangs up.

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1, May. 2014

This number calls but does not speak. If I return call I'm put on hold by recorded message without them identifying company- then the call is not answered further.

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15, Apr. 2014

This place keeps calling and asking for my information.

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30, Sep. 2013

this co. been calling me for long time. every time i get a recorded message and asking me to press 1 to continue. when i did i get busy signal. finaly today i culd talk to a live rep. I ask him to remove my number from list he start laughing . when i told him im recording this conversation he just hang up on me.

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28, Aug. 2013

Calls twice a day. Never leaves a message. I suspect a charity, but would like to know for sure.

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12, Aug. 2013

This is the third time this unknown company has called me. When I started to complain about them calling me on my cell the caller immediately hung up on me. I want this company to stop calling my cell number with immediate effect please.

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2, Apr. 2013

anonymous caller.

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9, Mar. 2013

This number has called me twice a day for the past two weeks. I have answered it but it is a recording. I have tried to return the call to tell them to STOP calling. It will not stop.

Carl S
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25, Feb. 2013

Got a call from this number at 9:24 EST today. Answered after 4 rings; but, no one replied and line went back to dial tone after 20 seconds or so. Call appears on CallerID as "Cell Phone MA".

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17, Oct. 2012

these idiots refuse to leave me alone and keep changing there phone number each time they call but it's the same outfit EVERY TIME. I think they must generate a phony phone # for the caller ID, I sure wish they would leave me alone as you seem unable or unwilling to do anything about it.

L Morris
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15, Oct. 2012

They tried to get my Information. He kept asking for the last 4 of my social but refused to give me any details until I did so.

Richard Duggan
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20, Aug. 2012

Rude person asked my wife if she was the person named {xxx} at {address}. My wife asked who was calling and the woman said 'I'm asking you a question and before I identify myself I need to find out if you're the right person." My wife responded "No, you've called my cell phone and before I identify myself I need to know who you are. You called me, I didn't call you." The caller then hung up.

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25, May. 2012

New wave of these maggots the last couple of weeks have crawled out from under their rocks. I hope they can be stopped.

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29, Feb. 2012

calls many times