Area Code 505

Additional information:

Area code: 505
State: New Mexico
Country: USA
16, Dec. 2017

The call is in Spanish.

16, Dec. 2017

Recorded message call from 505-445-1653, claiming that I was in troube with IRS and that I needed to immediately call back. Just couldn't resist calling back. A lady answered and I suggested she do something that is anatomically impossible; she told me to do the same. I then blocked her number. LOL!

15, Dec. 2017

I keep getting daily calls from Credit Card Services.

14, Dec. 2017

She said her service was for Desk Top, or Lap Top Microsoft users.

Frank Castle
14, Dec. 2017

Rings my phone while I eat dinner talkn bout that I have 7 violations and spec ops will arrive at my homestead to carry out a warrant.Now listen here slack jawed maggots who are these females accusing me of violating them? And threats will not move me from my parcel I will shoot any man who trespass these lands.I do not recognize your authority

14, Dec. 2017

The robo-call message claims to be from the remote sensing laboratory Las Vegas Nevada.

14, Dec. 2017

They continue to call, sometimes after 9:00 PM

13, Dec. 2017

I tell them at least once a day to put me on the do not call list, that I am registered on the do not call registry and the call is going to be reported.

13, Dec. 2017

Please, please help since they call several times a week.

13, Dec. 2017

I have reported this number previously and yet, this number still to this day continues to call and get through.

12, Dec. 2017

I had expected that, by now, the donotcall system would have eliminated this repeated telemarketer call.

12, Dec. 2017

Recorded message from shipping dept wanting to ship my "free" I've fallen and can't get up device.

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