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Jane Sullivan Mass.
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28, Dec. 2017

Asking me repeatedly for money, saying Can I do 100 a month? how about 75? I told him I am on a fixed income His answer? Maam, you got to give something to these poor youngsters,NOW Jane How much will you give today? I put the receiver down on him.

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2, Jun. 2017

I think it's Praxis Financial Solutions calling. I let the voicemail get it, think it's bill collectors. If I don't recognize the number I don't pick up.

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26, May. 2015

Another scam attempt.

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9, Apr. 2015

I have tried everything!

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24, Jul. 2014

Do not call these numbers back! Some are linked to outside the USA Tellcom services that will charge you insane fees legally because you called them.. The Scam is calling you and hanging up or saying nothing, basically a ping to get you to call them back. Do not ever call a phone number you do not recognize. EVER.. People have been charged hundreds of dollars by remaining on hold after calling these numbers back trying to find out what they want. It's the Governments of corrupt countries who are doing it.

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28, Apr. 2014

called a couple times with no message never been home when they have called and they usually call in the mornings.

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8, Apr. 2014

I asked them never to call me again.

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21, Mar. 2014

No need for vengeance. There will be ultimate justice - on judgement day. I am saddened that people sell there soul to the devil.

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9, Oct. 2013

They call me and hang up after I say hello.

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11, Mar. 2013

this is call #3 today.

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27, Jun. 2012

These people have to be stopped!! I am beginning to lose confidence in your service. I have received similar calls multiple times on both my mobile and home phones, both of which are registered. This time it was on my mobile phone. When I ask them to take me off their call list or I would report them, the person responded with threats and very profane language.