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  • Regional statistics: Albuquerque, New Mexico has a population of 487378 that is in a county of 220936 units. The city is in a county that is 1166 square miles. 505-358 is available through the regional telephone switch # DNCNAZXCRS1 in the Albuquerque area.
  • Other cities located around Albuquerque: Grady (505-357) Portales (505-356) Farmington (505-360) Hobbs (505-361)
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4, Jan. 2018

Won't leave a message

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24, Nov. 2017

She told them I was unavailable and asked for the callers name and number and they declined and hung up.

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26, Oct. 2017

I spoke to you numerous time to remove my number off the list but continue to receive calls from them.

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22, Mar. 2016

Please ask them to stop calls to this number and also to (b)(6) and (b)(6) Thank you.

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17, Mar. 2016

person calling 3 time a day,i been asking them please don't call again,but they calling repeatedly

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24, Dec. 2015

Time of call 8:54 am

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13, Oct. 2015

Calls and won't say anything...

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18, Aug. 2015

I did not give any information to these people that I had a problem with my computer.

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17, Dec. 2014

Called but left no message. Thanks to the other commenters reviews, I have blocked the number. Thanks

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29, Apr. 2014

We have received at least 5 calls from this number in the space of 3 hours today even after having told them not to call again. We received 3 calls after we asked them to stop calling.

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22, Nov. 2013

More than likely this is a scammer than a telemarketer. Where the number comes up is from a payphone near the Greyhound Bus/Am Track train terminal. And it's not a switch number, this guy/gal cousin 'it" is bouncing from phone to phone in that area. Which makes sense for the music in the background and the people behind them. Now as for Executive Choice being the person doing this. I don't know. I've been doing some research on this number that seems to call me 5x a week but doesn't give me enough time to answer it, cause it's usually really early in the morning and I'm half asleep. I've attempted to call it back several times, but it's usually "always busy". Eventually, I'll figure it out, and post more info for people to report, and perhaps sue them.

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17, Oct. 2013

They also called other different numbers.

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11, Jul. 2013

This number has called and there is never anyone there, it is an autodialer.

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16, May. 2013

When I told the individual calling that I was on the National Do Not Call Registry and wished to be removed from his mailing list, he was extremely rude and said "Well, how's that working out for you?" Please make him stop. I have had numerous calls from this number, and I am very tired of those people thinking that they are somehow exempt from regulations.

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28, Apr. 2013

This was a recording and when you called the number back you got another recording in which I didn't have time to wait thru to talk to a human.

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12, Mar. 2013

Did not leave message, Called at 8:58 pm EST

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14, Jul. 2012

The caller identified themselves as calling on behalf of PCH and prize eligibility. They begin by asking a few questions regarding hobbies and rough age and then the pitch to subscribe for four magazines for the price of one. After I turned down the magazine offer I was told that I would be transferred to the prize entry person. The phone rang twice then it stopped as the call was cut off or dropped.

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18, Jun. 2012

Once the recorded message completes and a person is summoned to speak with, they hang up after being informed of the no call status and repeated requests to discontinue calling. I have no credit cards.