Area Code 504

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Area code: 504
State: Louisiana
Country: USA
12, Dec. 2017

SCAM!!!! Don't even worry about answering or calling back Do NOT give them any of your info

12, Dec. 2017

I did not answer the phone because I did not recognize the number. They called yesterday once and two times within 1 hour today and left the same distorted message everyone else has mentioned. Scam - Blocked.

12, Dec. 2017

name of company does not show on caller id.

12, Dec. 2017

They said we have an urgent problem that needs corrected on our computer.

12, Dec. 2017

There is no recording, and no answer.

12, Dec. 2017

I have not entered any such competition.

10, Dec. 2017

I do not want to call them back to give them any reason to believe I am soliciting their business.

10, Dec. 2017

It was a robo-call that lasted about two minutes.

8, Dec. 2017

Called saying he was computer tech wanting access to my PC

7, Dec. 2017

When we call this number to find out their identity we get a Recorded Message that indicates this Number is Out of Service.

7, Dec. 2017

they called 6/2/2014 at 11:30am and again today at 10:31.please help.why can't YOU make them stop!

6, Dec. 2017

Also they continue to call two to three times daily.

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