Area Code 504

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Area code: 504
State: Louisiana
Country: USA
4, Aug. 2017

Per other phone number sites, this number is a debt collector. This number calls all of the many numbers in our facility regularly, but never leaves a message. As ID reads PRIVATE, the call does not get answered.

Not Important
1, Aug. 2017

504-435-4733 just called our business. Caller ID showed up as "Livingston LA". It was an illegal robocaller, female voice, claiming to be calling from Google. Press 1 to speak to a Rep, press 2 to be removed. Pressed 1, got on hold music, then the tell tale "Bloop" sound, then a man with a VERY heavy Hindi accent states "Thank you for calling Google, how may I help you with your SEO today?". Had - - preloaded and let that blast into the phone for a few seconds, then hung up on them. This is nothing more than a Fake Google Listing Scam. Reporting the call as harassment and blocking the number.

28, Jul. 2017

Pressing 1 for do not call doesn't work. They call me every single day. I even pressed 2 and nicely asked the guy to place me on the DNC list, got another call today

20, Jul. 2017

I got a call from this number it rang twice. Then they hung up.. I called it back there was no answer! Then I hung up!

12, Jul. 2017

Calls and calls all day....Never leaves a message. Tried calling back....hold music starts immediately...National Credit Adjusters.

9, Jul. 2017

Am sure it is a SCAM.

24, Jun. 2017

Calls all day-no messages

24, Jun. 2017

Multiple calls-no messages

17, Jun. 2017

The call came to my phone and no message was left. When I dialed the # to see what it was, this is what I got-"Welcome to Verizon Wireless...your call cannot be completed as dialed."

16, Jun. 2017

They just called me, wouldn't explain to me why they needed my information or what business they had with me. They were very rude and told me they were a health renewal company? Wtf does that even mean Gtf out of here!

14, Jun. 2017

Calls every single day and does not leave a message. I have never answered when they call.

6, Jun. 2017

gawd, I'm getting tired of getting free vacations

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