Area Code 503

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Area code: 503
State: Oregon
Country: USA
19, Sep. 2017

They're telling me my car warranty is up. I asked them about which vehicle has expired and he tells me he doesn't have the information right now and that it didn't get sent to him on this call for some reason. Yeah Right. I am on the Do Not Call List.

15, Sep. 2017

Pakistani "canadian" pharmacy

7, Sep. 2017

I have received many calls from this company, all have an accent.

6, Sep. 2017

This is the second complaint I have filed against this company and at least the 4th time I have told them to STOP calling me!

6, Sep. 2017

The internet says there have been several complaints regarding this 316-300-0000 number

6, Sep. 2017

If you wait long enough, you can press a number to stop the calls, however, this is the most recent of these calls.

6, Sep. 2017

said we won a prize even though we were not the person he was calling.

6, Sep. 2017

Calls from this number have been made to me three times now.

5, Sep. 2017

I answered today I yelled it was too early to call.

5, Sep. 2017

They harass me nonstop from different numbers and curse at me and get nasty when i ask them to stop calling.

5, Sep. 2017

Consumer wants the calls to stop and has asked them to stop calling but the calls continue.

5, Sep. 2017

This number came up as SSI on my caller ID and says located in Astoria, Oregon...

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