Phone: 503-457-1197

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Tillamook, Oregon
Its exchange 457 is managed by LEVEL 3 COMMUNICATIONS, LLC -
The number is currently on switch number STTNWAHODS9 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 47% of people reported it as "Unknown"
There has been a total of 87 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "Franke, Don't know"
21, Mar. 2012

Called 4 times in a span of 4 hours without leaving a message. Not picking up because of suspicion of scam.

22, Mar. 2012

came up on id as cell phone OR hung up when i answered and would not answer when i called back. this is not the first time I got a call from unknown in oregon.

26, Mar. 2012

I believe I know who this person is and if I am right she is a menace and a trouble maker. Her name might be Robin. She has no respect for the time of day she makes her annoying prank like phone calls. I tried calling back but get an immediate click sound. When a male member of my family answers there is NO response at all. It is very annoying

4, Apr. 2012

I don't know who is calling, came up on id as cell phone and hung up when I answered. I got a call from unknown in oregon.

6, Apr. 2012

He/she called & when answered person hanged up the phone

8, May. 2012

I took a call from this number, it was a person telling me my prescription as ready to ship from some ONLINE Pharmacy.

9, May. 2012

online pharmacy calling for my spouse !!! we do NOT use any online pharmacy ever.... not a valid company

dale pionk
14, May. 2012

person called and never left a message

23, May. 2012

Answered and they hung up. When I call back it goes to fast busy or hangs up. What happened to the DO NOT CALL list?

6, Jun. 2012

Couldn't hardly understand what she was saying. Could have been a prank, could have been a scam. Went along the lines "This is Robin???" "Do you own or rent your home?" She said it so slow, like her voice was being transmitted through a computer, or that she actually has a mental handicap. I said I could not understand, and she may have repeated the same thing asking if I own or rent. Hung up..... waiting for call back as it appears that is what she does.

11, Jun. 2012

Told me they were a home improvement company. They said they were doing work in the area and wanted a time to schedule a contractor, Rick, to come out & look at the property to make an estimate. wanted to know my availability. I told him I didn't need anyone to come to the house and he hung up.

13, Jun. 2012

Calls at all hours from 7:00am to as late as 9;30pm one night. Never leaves a message. Comes up as unknown on my cell.

13, Jun. 2012

This collection agency have the most RUDE collection agents I have ever spoken to in my LIFE. I want the owner of this company, because they even got to the point where they tried to speak/talk down to me which is unacceptable. I'm going to figure out who they are, because I'm going to hold them accountable for their rude actions...

13, Jun. 2012

You can't call the number back because they won't answer, but they WILL call you.

20, Jun. 2012

Just got a call from this number when I call it back the phone.hangs up the second.time.i.called.someone.answered it but didn't say anythinh

26, Jun. 2012

called and hung up. Pretty sure its a computer generated call to see who answeres their phone. After you answer it they put you on a list and sell your # to telemarketers. New I shouldn't have answered it. oops

26, Jun. 2012

wants to talk about investments and if you want more info they will send by mail or email.....then they tell you someone else will be calling to discuss your investment opportunities in gold, real estate, oil, gas, on and on and on

28, Aug. 2012

Answered. They hung up.

28, Sep. 2012

Located in Tillamook, OR

3, Oct. 2012

Harrassment, plain harrassment. Several calls a day, many calls a week. Never a voice on the line, just a hangup a half minute later. The govm't or the phone company needs to stop them before we form a lynch mob, or before I go vigilante.

9, Oct. 2012

Answered, no one talked but still connected until I hung up. Have blocked the number so I don't get anymore calls.

El in Portland
18, Oct. 2012

They've called here about 10 times in last week or so .. asked for hubby by name, hung up when i asked if I could help him. ANNOYING! And we;re on the do not call list.

24, Oct. 2012

called me twice in last 5 days, first time a man was talking - all I heard was "get it together...." so I told him he had the wrong number and hung up - today there was just silence until they hung up.

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