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8, May. 2017

This was a robo call to my cell phone before 9 pm which will likely increase my phone bill.

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26, Jul. 2016

Rude guy calling to demand $

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14, Oct. 2015

Caller id says: Root S

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12, Oct. 2015

This person left a message saying she was from a collection agency and I don't have any collection of any kind.

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13, Nov. 2014

I was getting calls with the same sales pitch last month, then the calls stopped. Earlier last week this phone number started calling and I didn't want to go through all the annoying calls like before but I couldn't find a way to get the calls stopped. Then I searched the prior phone number and found a comment that said he called 866-246-7196 for a do not call request service. I did so and gave the caller's and receiving phone number. They confirmed this phone number was on their list and added the receiving phone number on to the do not call request list. Within a couple of days the calls stopped.

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30, Jul. 2014

This was a text message from someone I don't recognize. When I tried to phone them back to tell them not to call me I received a message saying that voice mail for the number had not been set up.

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24, Feb. 2014

This is the same company that keeps calling.

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11, Jul. 2013

These people have been calling me for over a month on my cell phone. They have my number under a --- and wanted to know if I knew her? I told them to stop calling me.

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17, Apr. 2013

DId not recognize number and don't know anyone from KY. Let the call go to VM. No message, just 30 sec of dead air.

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10, Apr. 2013

We keep getting call from this company every few weeks, even though we press 3, as their recorded message says to do if we do not want to receive any more calls from them. But we keep getting their calls. When they called today I pressed 1 and asked the person calling for their company phone number. When I asked the man for his name, he disconnected the call. This company calls about every two weeks and we are tired of it!

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8, Apr. 2013

This is the second time they have called today despite me telling them THREE time to stop calling and I am on the DNC list. Once again, they hung up in the middle of me telling them this.

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3, Aug. 2012

These butt headshave been told probably 40 or 50 times to stop calling. They are looking for anyone thats answering the phone and after the computer generated message then some idiot clicks in. Have asked them to stop calling me. It went to deaf ears so I just don't answer the telephone when I see it on caller ID.. Please stop these idiots from calling me.

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19, Mar. 2012

sent me a fax at 11;50 pm with no return phone number- except a return fax number. this fax is for trying to sell me life insurance with no company name on it and return phone number and no return info at the very top of the fax which i thought was against the law to send a fax with out this info at the top of the pax that tell the time and origan.