Area Code 501

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Area code: 501
State: Arkansas
Country: USA
22, Feb. 2018

I believe this to be a scam regarding a master card that I do not have.

21, Feb. 2018

I’ve recieved 5 calls from this number in a matter of roughly 20mins. Everytime I answer they either hang up immediately or it’s just dead air. I’ve since blocked the number.

21, Feb. 2018

CALLER ID SPOOF. There is no way to "Have you asked this company to stop calling you?

20, Feb. 2018

Heavy breather .

20, Feb. 2018

They call and then hang up and leave no message. Block this number

20, Feb. 2018

you've won a free vacation scam.

20, Feb. 2018

I get called all of the time (at least 1x week).

19, Feb. 2018

I am sick of this company calling me.

P. Shwinn
19, Feb. 2018

Another day, another dimwit, nitwit, moron, stupid, nincompoop robo caller starting our Monday. We pay AT&T $180 each month and we have to screen our calls. We don't answer calls when caller ID shows Out of Area, Unknown Name, Private Caller. Our Panasonic Call Block is always on high alert and these calls get disconnected after the 1st ring so the morons can keep calling till the cows come home !!!!!!!!!!! Phone cos will not stop allowing these POS to open accts because of greed, greed and greed.

17, Feb. 2018

I don't even give my home phone number to retailers.

16, Feb. 2018

Does it do any good to report them or are we wasting our time?

15, Feb. 2018

If you listen to the message and dial number 9 and you tell them to stop calling they hang up on you.

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