Area Code 484

Additional information:

Area code: 484
State: Pennsylvania
Country: USA
25, Feb. 2018

when i called the number a recording indicated it was out of service

24, Feb. 2018

It’s the voip number for wind stream service

24, Feb. 2018

They were asking for my husband, I never verified if he lived here or not, simply asked who was calling.

22, Feb. 2018

When you call back you their line is busy.

22, Feb. 2018

Will continue to monitor if they call again.

22, Feb. 2018

This is one of the numbers the scammers call from claiming to be the IRS. I had a message left on my phone to call them back ASAP because I owed money to the IRS and there was a warrant out for my arrest. I know this scam and I have stopped a couple of others from falling victim to it. They're hoping that you don't know the IRS will NEVER call you and they hope you'll call back and believe their story and give them either a credit card # for payment or in some cases, like the two I helped stop, payment with Target gift cards. Yes, gift cards. People actually believe the IRS will call demanding payment via Target gift cards. I work the service desk there, so I've shut a couple of these down in the process, They may be running other scams out of this number too, and don't be fooled by the Pennsylvania area code, this number forwards directly to a call center in India, Of course, when you pressure these scammers, they blame Pakistan, which I think is funny. I just encourage people to have fun and mess with these people right back. Lead them on for a bit. Get their hopes up, then turn on them like a rabid dog. Lots of fun!

20, Feb. 2018

I could not reach anyone to tell them to stop from calling me.

19, Feb. 2018

SC and she has a civil matter to speak with me about.

19, Feb. 2018

Before he could tell me what he was going to talk to me about, I told him I was not interested (since it was an out-of-state call) and to not call again.

16, Feb. 2018

It's a pre-recorded message in Spanish.

16, Feb. 2018

I received the first phone call in November 2013 from this company saying I was pre-approved for a home security system.

16, Feb. 2018

Called me but didn’t leave a message

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