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11, Dec. 2017

Do not answer phone, they do not leave a message.

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7, Nov. 2017

Didn't answer. No message left. Not first time in the ;last month or two, Possibly 3 times now.

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6, Nov. 2017

I received numerous calls from this number over the last few weeks. They never leave a message.

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10, May. 2017

I have gotten three calls from them today

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27, Apr. 2017

If you answer you got spam, just block or delite

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8, Oct. 2016

Me too- annoying

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13, Jul. 2016

The call comes from a different number every time.

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20, Feb. 2015

MAKE THEM STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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3, Feb. 2015

I have asked several times to be placed on a DNC and to not contact.

Health Insurrance Shopper
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19, Jan. 2015

Sunday, 01/19/2015; I began shopping for Health Insurance online. The number in question is most likely a health insurance provider. When I called this number the call ended.

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1, Nov. 2014

Political message left on our answering machine. The phone number may be fake too. Many people are using call blockers, so any caller who wants their call answered may use a fake caller ID and/or phone number. We, like a half million other people, block every call out of the area. Google the number; if others have reported it you can easily block individual numbers too (on the Digitone blocker press BLOCK twice). Some people have told me that their good business number is being used to make phishing calls. You probably have no use for suppliers of steam pipe dope, so just block the fake number. It may change again, like "Rachelle from credit card services". Update: I called the number back. Answering machine said "You have been selected to participate in a survey about current events; if this call was inconvenient to you and you want to be put on our do-not-call list press 1..." DON'T DO IT; all that'll do is verify that your number is good. Just block the number (We press BLOCK twice on our Digitone call blocker). We're already on the national and state do-not-call list; cold calls to our number subject the caller to fines... unless they are crooks and don't care anyhow.

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3, Oct. 2014

Called three times in a row. Blocked their number.

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11, Sep. 2014

Has called 43 times in the past 5 days. If I had the name of the agency or company, I would file a law suit right now. They have called on a Sunday, which is against the law.

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29, Aug. 2014

Rude, rude, rude to my staff when she found out the financial decision maker (me) was not in the office. Sales call for financial services to a business. This lady does not need to be doing telemarketing for anyone.

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2, Aug. 2014

they call my house about 3 times a week!

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1, Aug. 2014

Called my work number and then hung up when I answered

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1, Jul. 2014

This number calls daily, sometimes 3-5 times from 3 separate numbers but the same numbers daily. When answered, no one is on the other end. Phone call disconnects after 3 seconds. Calls having been going on since April 2014

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26, Jun. 2014

This place constantly calls me. I have asked them to stop and take me off their lists. They do not. They hang up on me. They refuse to listen and argue with me. This place calls me several times each and every week for months. DO SOMETHING!

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19, Jun. 2014

They keep calling. They block caller ID too, so to deceive people who it is.

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13, Jun. 2014

Someone has called me from this number for several days now, about once or twice a day, did not say anything, did not leave the message. I did not bother to call back and will not take the call again.

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7, Apr. 2014

The calls ceased for 1 1/2 days, and started up again today

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24, Feb. 2014

This same company has been calling my home phone for almost a year. They leave messages on my answering machine. I just recently received two on my cell phone. I told them not to call me and they yelled and hung up.

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28, Jan. 2014

Was a recorded call that was prompted by voice activation to make it sound like the call was live and interactive.

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8, Jan. 2014

Called 5 times in a row but didn't leave a message. I am used to these scammers, so I ignored the phone and didn't answer. Thanks for call display where you can sort out your calls. Once in a while I would answer and as I recoqnized who they are, I hung up. They then kept trying to call back but I ignored them. You can block them and automatically the phone will reject them. then the scammers would change their phone numbers and tried to call again. Keep blocking them.

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7, Jan. 2014

This number called my cell at early in the morning and rang 2 times then hung up. They called back later and neither time, left a message. It is a company which has other numbers that call - also.

Princess Anna of Arendelle
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3, Dec. 2013

This number called me at around 5:45 PM. I didn't answer and they left no message.

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19, Jul. 2013

unwanted call.

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12, Jul. 2013

This number keeps calling my home and my job being very rude and disrespectful. They keep calling back to back and they are cursing me my supervisors and my coworkers out. I told them if i owe them anything to send me an email stating how much i owe and they do so. One.of my coworkers had the same problem with them. I googled the.number they are conartist. When i asked to speak with a supervisor they refused. I need them to stop calling.

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4, Jul. 2013

This was a recorded call on my cell phone. I cannot afford to pay for these calls. Somebody gave out my phone number, they should be paying for my calls.

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20, Jun. 2013

We have received the same recorded message from two other numbers without identifying the company. I was only able to press the #3 to delete with the first number. All messages were recorded on answering machine.

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5, Jun. 2013

tell them to call back on your local line and give the regional office of your AG - the FTC

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23, May. 2013


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30, Mar. 2013

They actually called me three times. I told them I had filed numerous complaints against them and that they should stop calling. That was just one of the phone numbers they called from. Many are very odd numbers. I keep asking them not to call. Maybe its a language barrier. It's very annoying no matter what.

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19, Jan. 2013

They keep calling. They know my name and they asked for my parents. when I said that they weren't available at the time, they hung up..

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24, Oct. 2012

They call at least twice each day...have done so for about a month!

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21, Jul. 2012

These people just ignore my request to stop calling me. I've not done business with them ever.

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15, Jun. 2012

Have reported them many times in the past year.