Phone: 484-589-5642

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Glen Mills, Pennsylvania (589) exchange.
Around 38% of people reported it as "Unknown"
There has been a total of 34 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "No name...., US mortgage"
24, May. 2013

These fools called me at 2:28AM

5, Feb. 2014

keeps calling my number all hours of the day don 't know anyone in this area

8, Feb. 2014

Keep getting the calls as well all day/hours. Nobody answers when we pick up and when I try to call back it says "recipepients mailbox is full and hangs up

9, Feb. 2014

Some douchbag keeps calling my cell at least 2 or 3 times every day.Whatever happened to the Do-Not-Call list?

Truly Getting Pissed
10, Feb. 2014

These folks just call and call and call day and night non stop. Sometimes they hang up when you answer the phone. I just wish this people would loss my number.

11, Feb. 2014

I get these calls all the time and no one is there.. TELL THEM TO STOP

14, Feb. 2014

The man who calls me every day on my cell phone states he represents US Mortgage and says his name is Steve Miller. I asked not to receicve thes calls and it still continues. He is pretending he represents martgage company and would like to help me refinance my home. It sounds like scam.

15, Feb. 2014

When I answered this number, they spoke Spanish. I'm getting truly annoyed as well.

5, Mar. 2014

Just got called by this number as well. Don't know anyone in this area.

6, Mar. 2014

Have received 4 calls in 2 days from this number. They don't leave a voicemail.

7, Mar. 2014

call back it says "recipients mailbox is full" and hangs up

7, Mar. 2014

Received a call from this number, I do not know anyone from this area. No message left, I will not answer it.

Tired of this
18, Mar. 2014

I have been getting calls from this number twice a day. When you answer there is no one there. I stopped answering this number.

24, Mar. 2014

i get at least 3 calls everyday

26, Mar. 2014

Called me for days and left no message, finally answered and guy told me this call was regarding my current home mortgage, told him i dont own my home i rent it..he hung up... Great way to do business..Parasites.

26, Mar. 2014

calls every other day with no one there

1, Apr. 2014

Selling mortgages ... Get a Panasonic phone with blocker on it and add the number to the block list

3, Apr. 2014

I had 2 missed call then I called back it went strait to voice maill and its full.

4, Apr. 2014

Calls my cell phone everyday at 5:00pm. Have no idea who this is, but they need to stop bothering me. My number is on the do not call

PBC: Florida
7, Apr. 2014

Phone says: Mortgage Savings: Glen Mills, PA .... No messages was left and it hangs up after four rings ... Call at 5:25 pm. It does not matter if I'm on the Do Not Call .these callers are indifferent because there i no follow up, no doubt.

8, Apr. 2014

Sick of these people calling 2/3 times a day for a whole week.

30, Apr. 2014

Calls my cell 4+ times per day. This has been going on for week. I do not answer these calls.

3, May. 2014

Calls every day at various times. Does not leave message. When I call back, there is no answer and the mailbox is full.

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