Area Code 480

Additional information:

Area code: 480
State: Arizona
Country: USA
18, Nov. 2017

Just got a call from these guys, had my correct first and last name. Told me they were trying to serve legal documents on a civil complaint. gave me the business name of "Document Services" and the complaining company name of "IAO Group". None of these are legitimate names of companies I have ever heard of and document services is way too generic to be real. My BS meter has gone off screaming. They also gave me this number to call '8442589620' and a case number but when I called it there was no answer and no business name in the voicemail just asking for detailed contact information. I left no message and hung up. 99% sure this is a scam...

18, Nov. 2017

This is the third such call we have received from this number in last month or so.

18, Nov. 2017

When I continued to ask who they were she continually refused to tell me.

18, Nov. 2017

Robo call....female voice, calling herself Amanda..... .....BEWARE OF THIS SCAM

17, Nov. 2017

Caller told me I had a Chase Credit Card and I needed to make a a payment because I had a balance over $500.00. I don't have a Chase Credit Card. I recently closed my Chase checking account.

17, Nov. 2017

The call comes from Forest Park.

17, Nov. 2017

i have received more than 10 calls from this number they call me everyday

cactus (az)
17, Nov. 2017

did not recognize the cell nbr. did not pick up.

17, Nov. 2017

doesn't say who it is just says he is going to show me how to make money and wants me to call his recorded message

17, Nov. 2017

contined calling after 3 complaints.

16, Nov. 2017

They are suing me and need to call them at the number listed above right away.

16, Nov. 2017

Three junk calls from this number 11/20, 11/21, and 11/23.

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