Phone: 480-745-2012

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Phoenix, Arizona (745) exchange.
Around 46% of people reported it as "Telemarketer"
There has been a total of 28 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "No name, No idea "
25, Nov. 2013

Someone from this number called my cell phone and was very cryptic about explaining who they were and why they were calling. They kept asking if this was the "_____ residence" and I repeatedly answered "no" as it is my cell phone. He then went on and gave some bogus explanation about how we were selected to receive a security system.

2, Dec. 2013

We just recently moved into a new house. Theyoffer a free "gift package" to be delivered. I said no thanks, then they asked if I'm interested in a new security system or new water system? I said no thanks. Please do not call again. They have called me 12 times in the last month. I keep ignoring and don't answer but they don't stop!

12, Dec. 2013

Tried me 4 times yesterday and I did not answer. If they want to really speak with me, leave a message and I may call back. These scum never do. Ignore and don\'t answer.

12, Dec. 2013

I recently bought a new home, and now these people started leaving door hangers at my house. I googled it and found numerous reports of this being a marker for burglary. I then blocked the number that was on the promo flyer. Then, a few weeks later, this AZ number called, left no vmail, called again a week later, so this time I called back, only to find it was basically the same scam or "company." They asked for my name, then I asked what company they were calling from. They wouldn't tell me until I gave my name, which I faked. They said GE Electric about qualifying for a gift -- a new security system. They said they needed to verify my address, which I wouldn't indicate. Then I said they had a wrong number and that I already have a system in place, and I hadn't moved. Then I said to please remove me from your list and don't call this number again, thanks. Now I'm blocking this number.

17, Dec. 2013

These people just keep calling. I have told them to put me on their no call list and they now call me daily at least two times a day. I have asked them again today to put me on the no call list and I will see what will happen. They are real jerks.

8, Jan. 2014

"New Home Owner" Alarm System

9, Jan. 2014

new home owner - just received 4 calls from this number - haven't answered and don't plan to.

10, Jan. 2014

Calls continuously even after requesting to be on their do not call list. The people on the phone are very evasive about giving any information that can be used to get in touch with them officially, making it tough to get formal complaints going.

14, Jan. 2014

Just received a call on my recently changed cellphone number. I didn't answer. I also purchased a new house recently, and am curious as to how this outfit received my newly changed phone number.

16, Jan. 2014

Boiler room scam operation calling new home owners. They call at least fifteen times a day. I was at home with the flu and they called every 20 minutes all day.

20, Jan. 2014

I am also a new home owner. They have called me 3 times in 2 days trying to sell me an alarm system. I guess being on the national Do Not Call registry doesn't mean anything anymore.

21, Jan. 2014

i have been receiving numerous calls a day from this phone number and have requested that my number be removed from the calling list every time. Nothing has changed and it has been about three weeks. Most callers are very eager to speak and will not let me get a word in edgewise to say that i do not care for this service and want them to stop calling. Also most representatives have had an attitude when i request not to be notified anymore. I do not know how my phone number was put on this list considering i am NOT a new home owner. I am very annoyed and would greatly appreciate it if this nonsense would stop. this company should look into hiring new staff. horrible. this is making your company look bad and driving customers away.

4, Feb. 2014

Regarding an alarm system.

5, Feb. 2014

I received a bunch of calls from this number but I didn't answer. They never left a voicemail. I looked up online and found this page. I am going to block this number. Thank you all!

11, Feb. 2014

new home owner. asking about alarm systems. said they were GE.

19, Feb. 2014

new home owner. getting the same kind of calls on my cell phone. Either these guys are bad at sales or they are checking to see if someone is home.

Dont call me w/o prior auth.
24, Feb. 2014

It is a telemarketer trying to sell a "free" security system. I hung up when they wouldnt stop talking. The number is now on auto-reject list

2, Apr. 2014

I noticed a missed call from this number, when i called back a male voice said, "you can hang up, no one cares about you" and hung up.... wtf?

16, Apr. 2014

I got a call from this number, but didn't answer. They didn't leave a message.

21, Apr. 2014

They called my wife's phone and hung up on here so I called them back and it was the same scam saying they are General Electric. Just block them through your phone company and make sure you register on the "Do Not Call Registry." After 31 days if you are still receiving calls from this phone number file a complaint with the FCC. They can track these fraudulent scum bags!!

30, May. 2014

no idea. guys just said 'hello' hello'. blocked now.

5, Jun. 2014

Set up an apt, meet the scumbags or the poor sap they send. Send them a message. This harassment needs consequences. It's truly criminal. Someone a bit more unhinged could be a hero.

2, Jul. 2014

I've been getting calls to my cell phone from this number lately. So far there's never been a message left.

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