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Phone number: 480-263-4013

is located in Phoenix, Arizona.

in the 263 exchange.

Around 41% of people reported it as "Recorded Message"

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Latest people reported the number as that of "Sprint Finance Dept., phone number"

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It's Sprint's pre-recorded message "about your wireless account." The message gives you an 800-number to call because they want you to pay your bill. So pay your bill!

Reported 30, Jun. 2012.

It's fake. it ask's you to call them for a number that you don't have

Reported 25, Jul. 2012.

So weird I have no number with sprint and they called me giving any weird name this is s**t, fake scam

Reported 25, Jul. 2012.

Says Sprint but not my #. Also the # they called from is a Verizon # which is weird, lol

Reported 20, Aug. 2012.

Calls me periodically but never leaves a message. weird.

Reported 28, Aug. 2012.

this is not sprint calling but some bogus scam!

Reported 9, Sep. 2012.

This number calls me at least once a week. I never answer the phone but they leave a message regarding my sprint number. I do have sprint but they number they say it's mine, it's not! SCAM!

Reported 10, Oct. 2012.

Just received a call from them. When Sprint calls they tell you to call an 800 # or *3 from your cell. Plus I realized the account number they gave is the last 4 digits of my debit card, so I will be calling the bank next. Scam!!!

Reported 15, Oct. 2012.

Just got a recorded message on my GRANDMOTHERS phone (in which I haven't given to anyone) - The last four digits don't match anything I have AND it's not even a sprint recording! I am not calling back and will contact sprint of this scam. OH and the name this pre-recorded message tried to leave hacked my name to pieces!

Reported 19, Oct. 2012.

This number is from a company impersonating Sprint. If you listen to the recording, you can tell the message is NOT done well. The message in English is passable — however, the message in Spanish is very guttural and unprofessional and the music is not Sprint’s music. Sprint IS investigating this and has confirmed THIS IS NOT A SPRINT NUMBER!!!!! DO NOT under any circumstances give these people anything, even your phone number. I called them from a proxy number so they can’t identify me – you need to be very careful and REPORT ANY CALLS YOU GET FROM THIS NUMBER TO SPRINT!!! Oh, and to the idiot above who said "pay your bill" you are a MORON!

Reported 1, Nov. 2012.

I get this call a few days after my bill comes in the mail. How would some scammer know when my bill is due? Also, the number they give is NOT your phone number it's your ACCOUNT number. Try actually listening to the message! How would a scammer have my account number (which was accurate in the voicemail) unless they hacked the Sprint system to steal it? Just some common sense questions to ask yourself before you buy in to the paranoia.

Reported 5, Dec. 2012.

I have gotten this message 2 times this year and the supposed phone number they are calling about is not a number I have or ever had. When I am late paying, Sprint sends me a reminder text. Don't know who is calling but it is not a number I trust.

Reported 19, Feb. 2013.

I just talked to Sprint. They are blocking that number and confirmed it i s a fraud. Oh, and to Anonymous, go ahead and call them and pay your bill, you arrogant snob, un less of course, you are one of them. . . . . .

Reported 9, Apr. 2013.

This call is bogus. They called me re a Sprint phone number that is not mine.

Reported 6, Feb. 2014.

leaves a message to call back

Reported 19, Feb. 2014.

Reported it fraud as of today

Reported 28, May. 2014.

Didn't answer but I called back & recording said it was Sprint Finance Dept. I don't have a sprint account. I waited for a rep. The rep. wanted my phone #, SS#, or Sprint acct.#. I don't have a Sprint service! Did I tell the r****d anything? Hell no!

Reported 3, Sep. 2014.

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