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  • Regional statistics: Fort Smith, Arkansas has a population of 81985 that is in a county of 45300 units. The city is in a county that is 536 square miles. 479-668 is available through the regional telephone switch # DLLATX37DS4 in the Fort Smith area.
  • Other cities located around Fort Smith: Ozark (479-667) Kingston (479-665) Alma (479-670) Lavaca (479-674)
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29, Apr. 2016 Reply

I do not know which person is this caller.

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30, Sep. 2015 Reply

Tried to connect to them but pushing zero as directed drops the call.

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24, Dec. 2014 Reply

I was home tonight and this call woke me up. I answered and all i got, from what it sounded like to me, was a, just a "hissing" sound..

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21, Sep. 2014 Reply

They are calling to get me to apply for a loan.

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13, Mar. 2014 Reply

Called and ignored; left no voicemail. Just recently added my number to the federal do not call list, so would think it at least isn't a telemarketer.

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21, Oct. 2013 Reply

These calls have been happening for some time. I haven't documented dates or times. I contacted somebody to see if he could help and he recommended I file a complaint.

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9, Oct. 2013 Reply

We are getting calls from this number and do not know why. No one says anything.

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1, Oct. 2013 Reply

This number called me at 5 in the morning. What is the world coming to when they cannot obey the laws and have no espect. Even if they were calling to offer me a legitimate product or service, I would refuse it because of their inconsideration. What is their objective, really?

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10, Sep. 2013 Reply

This was a robo-call left on my answering machine. It was from someone I don't know.

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7, Sep. 2013 Reply

These people call me several times a day. I called them back to say that I want to be off there call list. I continued to get calls from them. When I finally answered the phone when they called, I told the man to stop calling me and he hung up, like he gets many people telling him to stop calling.

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30, Nov. 2012 Reply

They call allday 3-5 times I keep asking them to stop calling but they call more.