Area Code 475

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Area code: 475
State: Connecticut
Country: USA
1, Dec. 2017

The caller Id WAS Marysville, WA

30, Nov. 2017

Someone tell me how you get this number to STOP FREAKING CALLING MY OFFICE!!! They call EVERY DAY REPEATEDLY and same thing, I asked to speak with the CEO and got hung up on!! What even is this company or number?!?!?!

28, Nov. 2017

Do any of these companies ever get fined?

28, Nov. 2017

The recording says to hit 3 to discontinue calls but it does not seem to be working.

27, Nov. 2017

I answered the phone, there was no response whatsoever, no voice or recorded message.

23, Nov. 2017

Said she was in CA but caller I.D.

22, Nov. 2017

As other people have said they are rude and scammers. I answer with Manchester PD, fraud division are on a traced and recorded line. How may I directed your!!!!

22, Nov. 2017

This is a robo call.

21, Nov. 2017

Please put my cell phone b(6) on the do not call list.

21, Nov. 2017

This scam caller talking about insurance opportunities. I told her that the person she was asking for wasn't here. She then said "well, since I have you on the phone, what's your name?" I told her I was 17 & she said "oh, sorry " then hung up.

20, Nov. 2017

Asked for Wade. When I said wrong number, they went on "OK perhaps you can help me. I'm with Donor Services,,,,," trying to get contributions. I have had sam guy call using several numbers over the past year,

19, Nov. 2017

when i call back i get a recording stating number is not in srevice.

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