Area Code 475

Additional information:

Area code: 475
State: Connecticut
Country: USA
20, Mar. 2017

I wish someone would stop them!

20, Mar. 2017

Please take action to stop this scam.

3, Mar. 2017

This was a robocall offering energy services.

28, Feb. 2017

I do not use a credit card, have no credit card debt, and to my knowledge have never done business with these people.

22, Feb. 2017

They wont identify themselves stating that I need to listen to what they have to say first.

10, Feb. 2017

This company leaves obnoxious pre-recorded messages in Spanish.

9, Feb. 2017

I am getting calls from all over the place saying I called them.

25, Jan. 2017

Calls 2-3 times a day and hangs up

18, Jan. 2017

When I tell them they have the wrong number they hang up.

11, Jan. 2017

Weird message regarding my "electric account". Asked to call 475-275-0189. Reference ID E-0189. We all have the same reference ID. Clearly a scam.

4, Jan. 2017

the calls coming from 475 529 2105 are telemarketing calls it's the hibu CO calling for yellow book to get you to place a add with them . read the reviews on hibu yellow book and you well find they are a scammers in many ways or you can call it shady business practices . i have told HIBU in the past to remove my number they do not !all they do is start calling from a different number .. do not hang up on them tell them to remove your number by law they have to if not like me they do not remove your number they open the door for you to sue them as i'm doing right now . .

15, Dec. 2016

I missed this call, but my called said “Santa Ana, CA.” I think the first time I called the number back, it was a medical bloodwork lab.

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