Area Code 469

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Area code: 469
State: Texas
Country: USA
16, Jan. 2018

I tell them to take me off their list and they go with their sales pitch.

16, Jan. 2018

They mostly just call and hang on line saying nothing and finally hang up

16, Jan. 2018

at 5:10 on Nov 29, 2013.

Not Happy
15, Jan. 2018

RUDE S.O.B. called & wouldn't stop talking no matter how many times or how loud I YELLED Nooooo

15, Jan. 2018

I have reported this number twice before. We hadn't received a call from them for several weeks. I believe it's a recording, we don't answer it.

15, Jan. 2018

they left a message that I had an arrest warrant. Called back and they answered IRS how can I help you. I told them I was going to report them to the FCC

15, Jan. 2018

Spoofing T-mobile numbers using multiple layers (hide behind a local number from all over). The call will show a local area code and number. Example 512 area code. If you ignore the call, then it goes to voice mail which it will show another spoofed number from another area. Example 469-396-1561. Scammers from Affordable Insurance.

13, Jan. 2018

Huh... seeing as how I work with/for 3 of the local law-enforcement agencies you'd think I'd know if I had pending allegations... scam number

12, Jan. 2018

Car warranty, hung up when confronted

12, Jan. 2018

I have told Money Services not to call me to contact them.

12, Jan. 2018

the caller always says his name is John wants to set up delivery of medical alert system no idea of who they are

12, Jan. 2018

Company is selling a service.Thank you.

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