Phone: 469-453-8432

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Dallas, Texas (453) exchange.
Around 36% of people reported it as "Collection Agency"
There has been a total of 11 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "Couldn't catch it, Ann"
24, Aug. 2012

Called and left a callback number on my mother & father's answering machine stating that they had a judgement against my mother. They would seize assets and freeze bank accounts...had to do something now. They scared my parents (and me quite frankly). I am researching now to find out the company name. They were rude...wouldn't let me finish sentences and very predatory. Not business like at all!!!! Very disrepectful.

22, Sep. 2012

Collection agency looking for someone who used to have my phone number over 8 years ago! I never answer-as that just encourages them to call more.

14, Nov. 2012

Message left for someone I don't know. "If you are -------- stay on the line for a message. If you are not -------- hang up." It was on my answering machine when I came home. I called the number back and a Michelle answered. Not very polite. We were "disconnected" (I told her I didn't know ------- and he didn't live here). I called back. I want them to stop calling me. After I spoke briefly to her about the situation we were "disconnected" again. ?????

14, Nov. 2012

recorded message looking for someone. There is no available option to get them to stop calling you. They are rude, nasty and try to yell over you.

6, Dec. 2012

Didn't realize other people were having this problem! Recorded message for over a month for someone I don't know - David Watkins. When I called to say I don't know the person, the person who answered acted like she didn't believe me. I asked what kind of legal matter (just in case the name may be an indirect association with me; she had my correct name). The person esssentially indicated it wasn't my business and hung up abruptly when I said I need to stop the calls.

17, Jan. 2013

So rude and unprofessional they really need to be stopped and reported to the better business bureau.

18, Jan. 2013

Yesterday I received a recorded message indicating "if you are ... David Watkins...". I also reported this here on Dec. 6; I also requested the number to be put on the DoNotCall. The call I received yesterday didn't have the 469...Caller ID, but the Caller Id of the company from which I receive medication. This is very concerning i.e. more than a nuisance! The Caller ID displayed was an 800* number I've used; the number connects to a medical source which has access to some of my personal information. What to do now?

19, Mar. 2013

An "Ann Smith" called my cell phone and left a message stating that my father needed to call her by the end of the day today. (3/19/2013) She also called my 80 year old grandma with Alzheimer's and was very rude and unprofessional both times. She never called my dads phone. I smell a scam. Ann Smith??? That sounds like a fake name to me.

16, Apr. 2013

Some lady called my cell phone and said " I need you to identify yourself and give me your SS#!!!" WHAT????? I said YOU need to identify YOURSELF Lady. She said she was Ann and was calling to collect a debt. Sorry, not me crazy lady! She talked over me constantly and said she would report me to the IRS, really??? Get the right person on the line before you threaten people. The crazy company is Commercial Recovery Systems.

30, Apr. 2013

Have received 2 calls asking if I know where to reach someone named Andis.I replied I do not know this person. First time they hung up. Second time (4/30/13) they accused me of lying and having no integrity. I hung up. I know no one named Andis. The call to me was made by a woman.

4, Sep. 2013

I just received a call from a Commercial Recovery looking for some one I am a conservator for. The caller didn't know what a conservator was and wanted me to give her anything that identifies me as knowing the person they are looking for. She wanted last four of SS#. I told her before I give out any information I need to make sure I know who I'm talking to. I couldn't catch everything she said (I wear hearing aids) and I was able to pick out phrases like "refusing to give information" "hasn't paid since 2008", then she was rattling off a bunch of numbers. She just kept talking and talking and talking and I couldn't get a word in edgewise. I hung up and tried calling the number back that came across the caller ID. Got a message to check the number and call again. I wonder if this was genuine or not.

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