Area Code 443

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Area code: 443
State: Maryland
Country: USA
28, Jun. 2017

Someone calls my landline from this number at least twice on a daily basis. I have no idea who it could be since everyone (personal and business calls) has my cell number. Does anyone recognize this number?

22, Jun. 2017

Already asked them awhile ago to not call me. Apparently they just call the WHOLE USHealthCare membership? I'm 70, still work, so I don't need this.

19, Jun. 2017

Spam from Jones Toyota.

19, Jun. 2017

Some Radio Station Music Trivia scam.

15, Jun. 2017

Spamming scum.

15, Jun. 2017

Called they ask for Sandy. After I asked who a second voice comes on and asks for the "lady or man of the house." Scam.

June 14, 2017
14, Jun. 2017

Trying to lower my interest rates. Name was Rachel. I hug up.

13, Jun. 2017

Calls morning, noon and evenings. Don't answer it. Just another a--hole.

10, Jun. 2017

Called me for no reason.

6, Jun. 2017

When I answered no one picked up it's a bogus number

2, Jun. 2017

I have received several calls from Triple V 443-775-8121 I have caller I.D. and if I don't know the number I don't pick up . They never leave a message when V.M. comes on they hang up. I say they are LOSERS that need to get a real job and a real life. Hiding behind a phone and scamming people that's a real LOSER. I thought about getting a very loud horn to blow in there ear but not sure if I want to waste my money on the LOSERS.

2, Jun. 2017

Don't give there name they ask for a mrs Smith.

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