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2, Feb. 2018

several calls to my answering machine but no message left

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31, May. 2017

Got a phone call from this strange number . I looked up the number and I think its the bill collectors called Portfolio Recovery Associates. No clue why they're calling. Can someone confirm if its them?

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31, May. 2017

I think it's Vision Financial calling. I didn't pick up, think it's a collection agency. If I don't recognize the number I never pick up.

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12, Aug. 2015

Free house alarm system, but they don't tell you about the inflated monitoring fee.

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12, Jan. 2015

Recorded message about senior citizens.

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16, Jul. 2014

This number calls at least twice a day. Never leaves a message and can't call back. !!

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30, Jan. 2014

keeps calling but never leaves a message. accidentally answered call once and got dead air. very annoying .

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24, Jan. 2014

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21, Jan. 2014

Let call go to Answering machine as I didn't recognize number. Caller did not leave a message.

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18, Aug. 2012

These people keep calling me and I ask them to take my number off their list. When I say that I am on the do not call list they the say the only way they will stop calling is when I use their services. This is harrassment and the reason the do not call list was made.

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16, Aug. 2012

These people have called me several times and I report them every time. I couldn't get through to tell them to stop calling me. Normally they hang up on me.

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29, Jul. 2012

They call numerous times every day. I never answer the phone but they keep calling.

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21, Jul. 2012

They call several times a night and do not leave a message.