Area Code 434

Additional information:

Area code: 434
State: Virginia
Country: USA
28, Mar. 2017

We have to file complaint with the TIGTA as well, our participation is needed to make this scammer to be arrested.

27, Mar. 2017

local cleaning service offering their services

Alicia Armstrong
25, Mar. 2017

I also got same calls just last night. I knew it was scam, so I just ignored it and didn't call back the number. I have also reported the number to FTC. Let's see if it'll work. Thanks for sharing this info here.

23, Mar. 2017

sneaky telemarketer-scammer-criminal.

27, Feb. 2017

Still calling even I registered the no call list

25, Feb. 2017

When you tell the person to take your name off of their call list they hang up on you.

24, Feb. 2017

Have called back and asked to be taken off of call list.

24, Feb. 2017

Same number called last night and it was no name, Google check said Med Alert.

23, Feb. 2017

I got this call some time ago and it just so happen that I was having a problem with my computer at the time. I thought this was great timing; so I listened and followed some of their instructions. Later I discovered I was being scammed and has since blocked the number. I even reported it to my State Attorney General to no avail. Wish I could find them and do bodily harm.

21, Feb. 2017

Please shut them down to stop the calls!

18, Feb. 2017

This is Howard from the loan company. You have been selected to . . . ". I don't who this call is from.

17, Feb. 2017

Calls over and over and over again.

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