Area Code 432

Additional information:

Area code: 432
State: Texas
Country: USA
9, Aug. 2018

They say it's about your credit card account, but they are trying to get you to sign up for their credit card, it has nothing to do with my account

9, Aug. 2018

This number called me 8 times in the last two hours. I pick up (just to see if they’ll say anything) and nothing. The last time I picked up they asked if I was here and I said “who’s calling?” And they hung the phone up.

8, Aug. 2018

I told them to stop calling and they hung up.

6, Aug. 2018

The call was about a vacation, I hung up when the recording started doing it's sales pitch.

1, Aug. 2018

Can this be stopped?

1, Aug. 2018

This is my work phone number and I would like them to stop calling me all the time days, nights and weekends.

28, Jul. 2018

this may have been a recording that was voice activated according to my responses

26, Jul. 2018

How can I stop these calls.

20, Jul. 2018

this is the 3rd call I have received from them in the past couple of days.

18, Jul. 2018

they call a few times a week.

17, Jul. 2018

The calls were received on 11/25/13 at 10:38 am, and 10:44 am-Left message on answering machine.

17, Jul. 2018

this call is from Robert A Thayer of Spring,Texas but is associated with the Odessa Court and Police Department Annex of Odessa,Texas,Do not interact with this individual he may be using the information he gathers as a means to target and incriminate non straight males through illegal entrapment methods.

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