Area Code 430

Additional information:

Area code: 430
State: Texas
Country: USA
11, Oct. 2017

Hey it's Peter again. Something about business line of credit (I didn't listen to the message but it's on my transcribe on my voicemail so typing for others to look up but I'm not listening to this bs, so the transcribe might have gotten it a little off)... I know it's that time to start thinking about your fourth quarter ?? flow needs and I still have you preapproved ?? and $75,000 line of credit look like (and a whole lot more blah blah blah but I don't feel like typing, you get the jist).

7, Oct. 2017

I receive multiple a day calls from number. I have repeatedly asked for party to stop calling but party disconnects the call and I receive additional calls within 20 minutes. The party refuses to identify themselves or states they are asking about my "Microsoft" computer but when asked to provide verification of their identity, they will disconnect the call. These calls are often followed by Unknown number or private number calls. The calls appear fraudulent but have been unable to make calls stop. Have had to contact my service provider to block the calls.

5, Oct. 2017

The man has a foreign accent and states he's from the United States grant department. I know it's a scam and I hang up, but he continues to call me every other hour, every day. When he get's the drift that I'm not answering that number he calls from a different number.

24, Sep. 2017

I told him I did apply for no Loan.

5, Sep. 2017

Call is from TN, USA

11, Aug. 2017

Left no message. I don't know anyone in Kemp, TX.

3, Aug. 2017

who keeps calling me on my house phone and cell. the #1-430255-9748

29, Jun. 2017

Called and no message

6, Jun. 2017

Say their records show that me or someone in my household has taken the med. zeralto - regarding lawsuit seen on TV. I keep blocking # but they call back on another.

31, May. 2017

The salesperson spoke in Chinese and he didn't seem to understand do-not-call list.

25, May. 2017

I am also going to file a complaint with the Bakersfield, California PD to have them arrested for this.

5, May. 2017

Keep on calling and sometimes call without saying anything.

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