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2, Feb. 2018

They called me on dec. 2. And left me a message saying all the same things, about fraud suing me and etc., etc. Irs does not call you period

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1, Feb. 2018

They don't have a press whatever to be removed from call list

Janine Lyons
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19, Jan. 2018

I have received 2 calls from them today. It is a recorded message telling me I am being sued by the IRS and call them back for details. Definitely fraudulent, that is not how the IRS would ever notify uoi!

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19, Jan. 2018

Just one more of these worthless IRS Scammers. See

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18, Jan. 2018

Recording Said they were IRS, calling that it was urgent and to call them back at 425-577-7697 before my case gets filed with the courts. That that they've been trying to reach me for 6 months. O_o

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12, Jan. 2018

Called and left message that they were IRS and I needed to call back. PASS!

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26, Dec. 2017

Received a call from this number. It 'informs' you you're in trouble. Total scam. Don't give them any information.

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19, Dec. 2017

They called and left a message like they knew me, said they were calling re my recent car accident... I called back (fyi, it doesn't pick up from blocked numbers) they're just ambulance chasers.... this is seriously like the 4th call I've gotten from different places like this!! So annoying!

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15, Dec. 2017

February 28, 2015, at 8:10am, 9:18am, and 10:29am.

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7, Dec. 2017

Left me a message saying I have committed a fraudulent act against the IRS by not reporting some information. Yeah right!!

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5, Dec. 2017

I am an ON-Call worker, this is becoming very annoying.

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23, Nov. 2017

I have also notified the local Police Dept.

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17, Nov. 2017

Call received early hours of each morning when you try to call to see who it is the message you receive is message box is full and hangs up.

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16, Nov. 2017

Says it's the IRS and they're about to file a lawsuit.

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11, Nov. 2017

I didn't answer the phone.

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9, Nov. 2017

Online reports about this caller indicate that they are often foul-mouthed and abusive.

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9, Nov. 2017

phoned twice 9am today/ june 2 requested they not call last week/ numerous calls and messages/ in succession around 12 times thursday may 29.

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1, Nov. 2017

repeat caller will not leave msg.

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31, Oct. 2017

Caller ID indicated call from CTY.

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25, Oct. 2017

saying we are being sued and to contact them immediately.

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30, Jan. 2017

The person called to offer to extend the warranty on a vehicle that I did not own.

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3, Aug. 2016

The company that called had a telemarketer trying to sell us a vacation package in Florida.

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23, Dec. 2013

Company has been calling me for months. Uses different phone numbers. This one said it was a California cell phone so I answered it.

Melissa Odom
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6, Sep. 2013

4255777190 this number called me several times wanting my medical information.

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26, Feb. 2013

When I called the number back there was no ring only recorded message to enter my number on their do not call list. I did that about ten times to no avail. The calls keep coming.

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3, Sep. 2012

They call here all the time with a recorded message. Today I was connected to a person. When I asked her to take me off their list since we are on the do not call list, she hung up on me. When I tried to call the number back, it said it couldn't be completed as dialed.