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13, Apr. 2018

Caller ID reads: V0251648440142

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27, Nov. 2017

Even though I never asked for their services in the past nor I need them plus I asked to be removed from their calling list- they still call.

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19, Jul. 2016

I asked if I could provide payroll check stubs, etc to verify my income/employment and they refused.

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14, Jul. 2016

I answered, only heard static-y background and then they hung up.

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5, May. 2015

This is the 3rd such call I have received on my Verizon cell phone.

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4, Feb. 2015

Just called, asking for the man who had my phone number before me. Nevermind I have had my number for almost 4 years now. The previous owner was "Jesse", they keep asking for "Josie". Been told I am hard to get a hold of, I am an angel in disguise etc. They are mailing out a pledge form to an address that no longer exists (The house was bulldozed and its a park now, lol). They are cute, but I am cuter!

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9, May. 2013

These people have been calling daily for about a month at various times. Usually they hang up before the answering machine picks up. It is a recorded message. Caller ID just shows unknown and out of area; no name.

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17, Apr. 2013

Getting texts and occasional phone calls from this # saying "I love you. Call me"

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4, Apr. 2013

Twice in one day - so far!