Phone: 425-502-6679

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Bellevue, Washington
Its exchange 502 is managed by LEVEL 3 COMMUNICATIONS, LLC -
The number is currently on switch number STTNWAHODS0 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 37% of people reported it as "Telemarketer"
There has been a total of 24 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "Breast Cancer S, Breast Cancer"
14, Mar. 2013

Call requesting donations for breast cancer. Could not get caller off phone even after declining

25, Mar. 2013

This number is showing on my Skype as a number I called, how is this possible??? Can someone inform me at, I also will inform Skype of this number showing as a phone number I called. Thank you

Find them
11, Apr. 2013

claimed to be with Breast Cancer Society - and provided a URL which I'm not providing because I think it's a scam. I HOPE it's a scam. The caller asked for a donation for victims and survivors of breast cancer. I explained we have enough survivors of breast cancer in our family to fill a small stadium and have lost several close family members to the cancer. I explained all of our extra money goes to our family and we are probably on "your" list of people to help out. She responded that I should not "let that hold me back from helping, can we count on you for a $20 donation to help those who suffer from breast cancer......" -- I started to get upset and decided to gather some information instead. I have the phone number, time of call and a website that may or may not be part of the fund raising operation. I've contacted the organization she said she represented and after reviewing this organizations financial audit from 2010 I learned the telemarketing fees are in excess of 8,000,000. Contributions from telemarketing are reported to be just above 12,000,000. Please do not give over the phone. Ask for references on the Web, BBB and do your research. People are in real need. I will follow-up when I know more.

25, Apr. 2013

7, May. 2013

We usually don't answer the phone if we don't recognize the number...They never left a message.

30, May. 2013

They called us several months ago and we told them no. Now they are calling back. Yes...several months ago it was the breast cancer people. We didn't pick it up this time but same number as last. It must be a scam if they are calling back people that told them no originally.

19, Jun. 2013

As soon as I picked up, they hung up.

1, Jul. 2013

BS dont even pick up the phone for this #

19, Jul. 2013


6, Aug. 2013

asking for donation for breast cancer society....that would directly help people who cannot afford all their bills. she was going to send me info, and tried to lock me into a donation amount. She asked for $20 and I said I could not do that....then she lowered it to $15 and I told her that I was unsure if we could do that....and she hung up on me!!!! I typically do not answer phone when I am unsure of caller...and am mad that I did. We already make donations to different BC charities. Jerks!

17, Aug. 2013

A lady from this number called Saturday morning little after 9:00 a.m. Asked for my name, then she hung up?!?

27, Aug. 2013

refused to honor my request to be removed from their call list. NOW I'm really pissed!

29, Aug. 2013

These folks have been calling for years, and there is no stopping them. Are a pure annoyance, and I have blocked as many of the numbers that they call through as possible (but then they change the numbers periodically). If it isn't a scam, then they are still annoying sleazes. Would NEVER give them any $$$.

1, Oct. 2013

breast cancer "survey". Looking for donations. Not a reputable organization.

28, Oct. 2013

They are actually asking for me by name to see if I will pick up the phone. If I hadn't looked at the ID I could have easily picked up just by their use of tactics. Sneaky.....

30, Oct. 2013

You can have bbb check out any charity with only phone number if you want. These calls with this phone number originate from WA. state.

20, Nov. 2013

Hung up when I answered. Called just after 9:00PM which is illegal here in WA.

9, Dec. 2013

Called at 7:40pm Sunday. Asked for me by name. This charity has called using a different number in the past, which I blocked using caller ID.

16, Dec. 2013

I am so glad Ii found all these comments! Thank you for making sure this info is available to see! I got a call, Sun,12/15/13 at 8:52pm. The caller was female and asked for my husband by name!! Wow! These people must have a combined IQ of 3, to call that late, on a Sunday evening, and then ask for a man by his name...especially when their call is answered by a female!When I said he was not available, she hung up on me. Not a good thing to do. I was curious so I called the phone # and got a very interesting recording, i left an interesting message for them. I never give to charities over the phone, however i am really intersted in the sleeze-bags who do this to unsuspecting and caring people! I'm going after them!! Wish me luck!

28, Dec. 2013

They called at 8:45 pm on Friday night and hung up shortly after I answered. I've been contacted previously and have asked at least twice to have my number removed. The WA Sec of State has a web page you can perform a Charity and Commercial Fundraiser Search. It is: www.sos.wa.gob/charities/search.aspx This "charity" has a registration. According to their filing in 2012 they raised $53m. The BBB has issued warnings with calculations showing that 85 cents of every dollar donated is used to pay the charities fundraising costs. One of the three organizations listed that receive contributions from Breast Cancer Society only has 10% of the money they raise going to program services. The second is 40%. The last is 75%. What I find interesting is that when you look up those other organizations, they list Breast Cancer Society as an organization that receives donations from them. Are these people really just giving money to each other? Each time the money given has a 25% to 90% reduction in capital to pay themselves? The Executive Director of Breast Cancer Society, James T Reynolds II, learned from his father who started the Cancer Fund of America. The Cancer Fund of America has also received warnings issued by the BBB. Executive Director James T Reynolds was paid $121k in salary in 2008, and by 2010 his salary had tripled to $364k in 2010. Associated Community Services, the Breast Cancer Society's largest fundraiser, has been sued by the states of Iowa, Oregon, Ohio, Connecticut, and Missouri. They agreed to settle out of court with Missouri for $100k for continuing to engage in "manipulative, high-pressure fundraising tactics when calling Missourians who had asked not to be called". Unfortunately, James T Reynolds II has been unable to respond to any allegations and has denied responding to the Better Business Bureau's investigation. My opinion? These people are just slightly above scum.

28, Dec. 2013

Sorry, the above website for WA State Secretary Charity search is:

11, Jan. 2014

I always do a search on a phone # I don't recognize. This is very good information, thanks everyone for your feedback!

13, Jan. 2015

I called this number back to tell them not to call anymore, and got a recorded number. I do not appreciate the call asking for donations, and I do not donate over the phone. How can I get of the telemarketers' lists, and others of this type. I am already of the do not call list, but doesn't seem to do much good.

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