Phone: 425-406-9454

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Seattle, Washington
Its exchange 406 is managed by INTERNATIONAL TELCOM, LTD. - W
The number is currently on switch number STTLWAKGDS0 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 40% of people reported it as "Telemarketer"
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10, Jan. 2014

they call me at least once or twice a week,

23, Jan. 2014

Just got the call on my cell phone. I didn't answer the call because I don't recognize the phone#.

27, Jan. 2014

I saw I had a missed call and saw from the area code it was a Seattle based number. I googled it and saw it was a telemarketer. I decided to call it, to see what would happen. A machine picked up and gave me the option to be put on the company's Do Not Call List. I just had to confirm the number that called me, put in the number I don't want them to call, confirm it and it was done. Now I just have to wait 72 hours for it to take effect.

27, Jan. 2014

Our phone started to ring so while it was ringing I looked up the number on here. Saw its just another annoying telemarketing rip-off place. Never answered the phone, just let it ring.

27, Jan. 2014

I didn't answer and don't have voice mail set up. Seattle? I know no one in Seattle, that is over a 1000 miles from me...

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