Area Code 424

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Area code: 424
State: California
Country: USA
21, Mar. 2018

Recorded message saying that the FBI reports that there is a home break in every 15 seconds and trying to sell a home security system

21, Mar. 2018

I have not listened to the recording beyond that point.

20, Mar. 2018

I got an email thru a post that I had made on Craig's List asking me to text that number if my item was still for sale

20, Mar. 2018

This is the 3rd call in 4 days.

20, Mar. 2018

I have received 6 calls this month and waited after the recording for an operator after pressing 1 and asked the to stop calling nicely.

19, Mar. 2018

My wife said she asked the man how did he know and he said he was from the central office.

17, Mar. 2018

Internet search says telemarketer.

17, Mar. 2018

Extremely hard to keep track of.

15, Mar. 2018

I get Verizon Wireless Payments Center, although the caller did not identify itself originally.

15, Mar. 2018

Scam scam scam. Honestly do these idiots think they can get away with this? The guy said he was part of a research group and sounded like he was 16. Scam scam

14, Mar. 2018

if you still owe at least 4000 credit card dept...... message they left

14, Mar. 2018

please take action about it!

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