Area Code 424

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Area code: 424
State: California
Country: USA
23, May. 2016 Reply

since I did not recognize the number I did not answer.

20, May. 2016 Reply

I would like to file criminal charges if the calls will not stop, this is the second call I received.

18, May. 2016 Reply

It is harassment and very irritating to get their calls daily.

18, May. 2016 Reply

They want to deliver an emergency alert system they say has already been paid for.

17, May. 2016 Reply

When I push #2 to be removed, the operator that answers - hangs up, when I ask to be removed.

12, May. 2016 Reply

It takes me some time to reach the phone for these annoying calls.

11, May. 2016 Reply

just calls and hangs up

Noe Moreno
7, May. 2016 Reply

We put up an ad for Caregiver in Chicago. This guy texted me. He wanted us to take care of her mom and would pay me more than what I charge if I would open an account to accept credit cards. He also told me if I could be his business assistant. All I had to do is go to meetings and charge his client's credit cards on the device that is under my name and send him the funds. Be very careful he is a "SCAMMER". He goes by the name of Michael Olinger. He has a mid eastern accent.

6, May. 2016 Reply

wireless alarm scammer, will not give call-back number. If I wanted to be scammed, I could save time by just e-mailing one of these stinking scammers: * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

4, May. 2016 Reply

Received a call from "Michelle" at 1243 pm soliciting new business.told her I was on the "Do Not Call" list and to stop calling me.

4, May. 2016 Reply

When I picked up the call, the person on the phone told me that they were calling because I had asked for cash advances.

3, May. 2016 Reply

calls and calls and calls, never leaves messages.

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