Area Code 424

Additional information:

Area code: 424
State: California
Country: USA
30, Sep. 2016

This person is named Stephane Marchand. He is a first class scam artist. He advertises on Craig's List and Backpage looking for suckers to apply for credit and give him the funds to use for his personal ventures. Please don't bother calling this guy.

29, Sep. 2016

I thought that putting my phone number on the No Call Registry would end this constant barrage of unsolicited calls.

29, Sep. 2016

I have reported this to you several times in the past.

28, Sep. 2016

This is harrasment and this organization should be punished to the fullest extent of the law!

28, Sep. 2016

Harassment on a daily basis.

27, Sep. 2016

Edward is calling from Medicare asking for my mothers information.

27, Sep. 2016

calls often , but 3 am is ridiculous

25, Sep. 2016

We get at least 5 to 10 of these calls per week.

24, Sep. 2016

I said that I was on the no call list and they immediately hung up the phone.

23, Sep. 2016

Recording said they do carpet cleaning $9.99 per room.

23, Sep. 2016

Someone left a voicemail message saying that they are the IRS and that I should call them the second I get this message. They said that I or my retained attorney should return the call because it is time sensitive. They said they have an Officer Gray, and the hotline to his division is this number. They said not to disregard the message and to call before they take action against me.

22, Sep. 2016

The person said the name of the company was General Electric and he was selling security systems.

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