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11, Apr. 2018


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22, Feb. 2017

Caller said my computer was not receiving updates from Microsoft.

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16, Apr. 2014

caller was silent, no answer when I responded

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9, Sep. 2013

This number calls me just about every evening for the past two months.

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9, Aug. 2013

Why is this company calling me? I am registered with the Do not call list yet they called me? This is unacceptable!

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8, Jun. 2013

A foreign douche bag calling himself Mark Rich and using the email address of mnrich01@gmail.com is running a cashiers check scam. He will US mail you a check in excess of an agreed amount for a deposit for something you have for sale, then ask you to Western Union back a portion of it to his agents (in this case, for them to conduct a boat inspection???). The agents names are Joanne Gjonbibaj and Britt Grape. The agent address is 4021 Lakeview Drive, Stone Mountain, GA 30083. This is the Marriott Evergreen Conference Center. An additional address he used was in Atlanta, Georgia. I played him like a cheap violin for weeks, declining to send anything. He kept trying though. He left messages, emails, and texts. At the end of the third week he actually got kind of pissy, texting that I had to send the money ASAP! What a tool. If you send money, the way the scam is supposed to work is that two to three weeks later when the bank figures out the check is fraudulent, you will be out the cash you sent, and are also responsible for the bad cashiers check. As it turns out, a cashiers check is no better than a personal check. The banks conveniently absolve themselves of all responsibility. He has a heavy accent, and poor English skills. He uses multiple phone numbers: (424) 652-8760, (213) 255-4410, (657) 205-9822, (312) 429-0555, (657) 205-9822.

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15, Apr. 2013

They call on the home phone and cell phone. They have been asked to stop calling repeatedly and just do not. Cell phome is also constantly called. Thank You for your help.

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23, Jan. 2013

They call and hang up when someone answers.

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24, Dec. 2012

These people have called repeatedly. There were informed a complaint was being filed with the FTC.

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11, Dec. 2012

They call for the last couple of weeks. It's always a message saying to hold the line for a representative.

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18, May. 2012

Asked if I was ready to purchase my new home and said they had great news to call them back at this number. They also called me but I missed the call and they left no message. I figured it was a scam and didn't even bother calling them back.