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9, Nov. 2014

Person calling had very broken English, lots of background noise and was very vague on what the call was about.

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7, Mar. 2014

They are calling quite frequently.

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20, May. 2013

Just got an unsolicited text from telling me to call: 424-233-1665 Direct Express

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1, May. 2013

They call at all hours but never leave a message. No ID shown.

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20, Apr. 2013

We received numerous recorded calls from this same company on our other phones which we reported to the registry. When you don't press 1 to speak to an operator, the call automatically disconnects. Very annoying and unwanted.

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16, Mar. 2013

this is call #3 today.

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18, Jul. 2012

They call all the time, sometimes multiple times a day. They usually hang up as soon as we answer the phone. When we do get a person, I have asken them to stop calling our number twice, their response is that they will call back tomorrow.

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9, Jul. 2012

They call and hangs up!