Phone: 424-233-1665

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Gardena, California (233) exchange.
Around 66% of people reported it as "SMS"
There has been a total of 9 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of ", Direct Express"
16, May. 2013

I just got a random text saying "Call 424 233 1665 Net Spend"

16, May. 2013

texted call # net spend. not the first from

Rhode Island
17, May. 2013

I received suspicious text message..." Call 14242331665 account error [net-spend]. ". Yea I don't think so,I'm not responding.I'm deleting it...

19, May. 2013

I got this text simply stating "call(424)2331665.Cadence" I believe this to be a scam. Our IT dept at work as reported numerous text messages scams trying to get bank account info. do NOT call!

19, May. 2013

I believe this is a scam...I got a text accountissue. saying to call (424)233-1665 Do Not Call!

20, May. 2013

Wife and I got text to call this number. Unsolicited text.

20, May. 2013

Stop them from contacting me....

20, May. 2013

I believe also that this is a scam....I got a text message from saying to call 424-233-1665. Direct Express. I will not call this #. I received something similar to this a month ago and went in to the Verizon store and they said that there were several ppl complaining about that and to delete the message.

20, May. 2013

Just got an unsolicited text from telling me to call: 424-233-1665 Direct Express

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