Area Code 423

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Area code: 423
State: Tennessee
Country: USA
29, Mar. 2017

They claimed to be conducting a survey in my area regarding solar energy. They were evasive with me and seem to only want to ask me the questions and not answer any. It also seemed like they wanted me to say "yes" to whatever questions. I have heard that there are false companies being investigated for fraud with this practice.

28, Mar. 2017

Received random, unsolicited text from unknown party stating: Hey babydoll how r u? dang woman i miss you wish u werr here all kinds of XO4U an more wyd?

26, Mar. 2017

They have NEVER owned a computer.

25, Mar. 2017

Some left voicemails.

17, Mar. 2017

The call was received at 3:41pm

13, Mar. 2017

I have no idea who keeps calling me they want leave a message

6, Mar. 2017

Call actually didn't connect, so I googled the number and got this info. Thanks so much. Now I won't take calls from Alvin Smith.

5, Mar. 2017

I did this a few times I got the call.

3, Mar. 2017

These calls are dangerous. Criminals using these computer generated phone numbers to listen to your conversations on or off the phone. They listen for personal info as well as pass codes . Everything from your business contacts to your benefits are at risk. Nothing is coincidental and you are not crazy. You could be being preyed upon. Change your number if you suspect ANYTHING. Beware they could be closest to you.

3, Mar. 2017

I don't want ANY unsolicited calls from these pests, a paramedic here can barely sleep with the calls all day and night.

1, Mar. 2017

I again asked to be removed and they continue to call and call.

1, Mar. 2017

He says he is calling me about my computer.

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