Area Code 419

Additional information:

Area code: 419
State: Ohio
Country: USA
22, Mar. 2018

When I answered this call, you can hear people in the background, but nobody is saying anything.

21, Mar. 2018

This is one of many calls I've received.

21, Mar. 2018

Tries to make you think I or someone has already purchased it on my behalf.

17, Mar. 2018

I receive 2-3 unsolicited calls a day from this number, and it has been ongoing for 3-4 months.

17, Mar. 2018

It's an answering service. They call me me when we have off hours emergencies.

16, Mar. 2018

previous crank calls like this reported to your site.

16, Mar. 2018

On 05/31/14, I received 9 calls from 985-635-426?7 in less than 2 minutes

15, Mar. 2018

My next step is to disconnect my phone since I can think of no other solution.

14, Mar. 2018

So I called the number back and heard distressing noises, which sounded like a woman getting raped.

13, Mar. 2018

As soon as I answered they hung up. I do not know who it is. I answered because it was a BGSU number so I thought it was from my school.

13, Mar. 2018

They call can hang up after 2-3 rings.

12, Mar. 2018

I must get at least 3 calls a week.

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