Area Code 419

Additional information:

Area code: 419
State: Ohio
Country: USA
21, May. 2018

I have asked/begged them to stop and they simply don't.

21, May. 2018

Today I call the number back and I asked the person who answered the phone to stop calling.

21, May. 2018

I told him that I was on the do not call list and that I will report him and to never call me again.

16, May. 2018

The gentleman identified himself as Mike and informed me that he had detected a problem with my computer that needed to be fixed.He told me to go to the computer and he would tell me what to do.

15, May. 2018

There is never anyone to speak to.

14, May. 2018

No one answer the call and have not spoken with anyone

12, May. 2018

This was a recorded call about a trip to Disney World. I didn't get a company name, it just asked me to press 1 for more information and I didn't press 1.

12, May. 2018

Acts as sheriff office and has you pay money through money pak cards and can't get it back

11, May. 2018

This is a recorded call so I can't ask them to stop calling.

10, May. 2018

The caller claims that my husband has a lawsuit filed against him and he is to call another number

10, May. 2018

Claimed they had questions to help with getting home fixed. Answered phone and said this I a recorded line, can u hear me? I didn't respond and they said I have some questions about getting your home fixed. I responded with I am actually homeless. They hung up.

9, May. 2018

It came from the BGSU Call Center. It came to my cell, but I called back from my work phone (academic secretary on campus) and got their voice mail. My guess is, it's BGSU calling to ask you to donate money.

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