Area Code 418

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Area code: 418
State: Quebec
Country: Canada
1, Mar. 2017

Very unprofessional message claiming the "cops" would be coming to get us if we did not call within 24 hours to settle dispute

24, Feb. 2017

Have never given money to this organization.

10, Feb. 2017

Ongoing violator of DNC List- called complainant for years! C asked to be taken off list, but "Kevin" continues to call. He has several FTC citations.

10, Feb. 2017

I did not ask this market to call and I don't live in Texas and never heard of the place.

8, Feb. 2017

Ceast & desist letter to ACS sent 7/26/2013, but their calls persist with various fake callerid numbers and text displayed (spoofed numbers)

6, Feb. 2017

Un message de sécurité important est disponible sur votre AccesD. Visitez pour y accèder et ainsi rétablir l'accès à votre compte.

3, Feb. 2017

It was a recorded message regarding settling my back taxes and I do not owe any back taxes.

27, Jan. 2017

The caller, who has a strong accent, makes fun of my request and states he has a lot of money and does not care about the fines.

20, Jan. 2017

Thank you for the opinion, but I still don't like to receive phone call from someone whom I don't know how they got my phone number...

19, Jan. 2017

at least once a week.

10, Jan. 2017

I'm tired and irritable.

4, Jan. 2017

unwanted and unrequested call.

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