Area Code 417

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Area code: 417
State: Missouri
Country: USA
29, Apr. 2017

Got the 5 consecutive calls from the same number about the IRS filing a law suit. It is definitely a scam and you can review on the website that they will never call about any audit, legal action, etc.

27, Apr. 2017

She said She was recording the call?

25, Apr. 2017

I am not Walter Poole and I have had this phone number for almost a year.

25, Apr. 2017

The caller wanted to speak to the person in charge of our AT&T telephone service.

24, Apr. 2017

This time it was a man who said I did something to indicate I wanted to talk to them.

Carmen Gammon
24, Apr. 2017

Some woman called and said she was calling about our timeshare! That is a joke because we are on disability and do not have money for basics most of the time much less this B.S. I will get a lawyer on this if it keeps up!

23, Apr. 2017

I answer and they ask for (b)(6).

417 313 0800
22, Apr. 2017

Same thing, computerized voice left a message on my voicemail saying this was time sensitive and please call them back.

20, Apr. 2017

Research shows that it belongs to a company in Roswell GA.

18, Apr. 2017

This is a telemarketing call from Select Quote. Stupid people. They refuse to leave info on a voice mail and just call back repeatedly.

18, Apr. 2017

I work from home on some days, and thus need to respond to legitimate incoming calls.

17, Apr. 2017

Keep receiving repeated phone calls from this number.

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