Phone: 417-800-2346

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Around 24% of people reported it as "Telemarketer"
There has been a total of 25 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "Bobby Baker, Bobby Baker"
A Private Business
6, Sep. 2013

I answered and said hello. They breathed into the phone real heavy and then disconnected the call.

6, Sep. 2013

Answered the call from this number, no one there. Phone disconnected shortly after. Humft.

A Private Business
9, Sep. 2013

We answered the phone by annoucing our company name. They just sat on the phone. We then said "Hello" and they hung up.

9, Sep. 2013

Call to 'verify recent changes to Google account'. Told him everything was authorized and he just kept stuttering. then said 'Okay you're doing good.' And hung up the phone.

10, Sep. 2013

They pretend to represent Google which in fact are just using the Google name to market web advertising to you. Most of these game players work out of their home... in hope that they draw enough revenue to keep from working a real 40 hour a week job.

10, Sep. 2013

Calls and hangs up

sick of these bogus calls
11, Sep. 2013

Just got a call from this number but there was nobody on the line. I waited and said hello a couple time and the call was disconnected.

El Paso, TX
11, Sep. 2013

Just another moron trying to make a buck off Google's good name.

12, Sep. 2013

It's Google Listings calling to verify categories.

Storage co
12, Sep. 2013

This company calls us every freaking day pretending to be a Google rep asking about our Google account. We listen to the spill (recording) and press the correct to be REMOVED from their list. They have yet to remove us. I have called them back and pressed 1 to leave a message and asked them to please call me back. THEY HAVE NOT DONE SO. This is BS. Get a Freaking REAL job people.

13, Sep. 2013

I receive about a call or two every other day from this number. It's always a recorded caller that starts by saying something about my Google account, but because I have no Google account, I simply hangup the phone

17, Sep. 2013


Huntsville Visitor
17, Sep. 2013

I am visiting a friend in Huntsville, Alabama and logged into my Google account on her desktop. This company called my host the next day saying they were Google and that changes had been made to her computer by me, which was not correct. I only logged into G-Mail. They asked my name and she gave it to them. I am very concerned as to what they are up to.

18, Sep. 2013

SCAM NEED FREE MONEY FROM U. Keep calling all day. I receive about a call or two every other day from this number ON THE DO NOT CALL LIST

19, Sep. 2013

Keep calling leave no message. When I call back I get a recording saying if I want to talk to yhem press 1. When I do i get another machine that says leave a message. I told them yesterday If i had an idea who the he-- I was talking to I could probably say if I was interest!! Next day same thing, this time I hit 2 to be removed. Don't have a clue who it is.

20, Sep. 2013

They claim to be updating listings for Google. I call b***s***. I'm only partially glad these people are working and not just on the government dole. But honestly, when they lie and misrepresent themselves, when they are running the phones for one of these scumbag's scams, they might as well be thieves breaking in our homes and businesses robbing us at gun point. I always wish the person on the phone, doing this for minimum wage or crappy commissions, would grow a conscience and go flip burgers, or wash dishes, or dig ditches -- something respectable.

4, Oct. 2013

They gave me a number to call back to 714-978-1905

8, Oct. 2013

Lying weasel-Just hang up,they are scum

12, Oct. 2013

scu.m, bother me every day, on do not call list.

18, Oct. 2013

417-800-2346 is actually owned by: Robert Baker 4633 W. 13th Davenport, IA, 52804 (phone)563-508-9710 He 'lets several of his businesses use that number' but swears these are not robo dials and that anyone who hits number 3 will be removed from the list. Please call him directly if that has not been your experience.

Tired of these calls
21, Oct. 2013

I get these calls every week. I am tired of the wasted time from these calls.

Dr. Bob
23, Oct. 2013

Receive 2-3 calls per week for the past few months. My experience is similar to others. Thru investigating, I came upon some information as to who to contact with complaints. This # belongs to Robert Baker. I emailed him and he stated that this # belongs to one of his clients who 'offer services to businesses for Google Search rankings. ' He did not provide additional information. This is his business and his responsibility. Please contact him repeatedly to make sure his harassing calls stop! Robert Baker 563-508-9710

23, Oct. 2013

Did some investigating and came up with the actual OWNER of this phone #. Got in contact and was offered a way of getting off their call list. So, the offer was made available to be taken off the call list by talking to him in person. He can be reached at: Bobby Baker 563-508-9710

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