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28, Jan. 2017

they also called from 858-724-2297, 858-408-1332,858-434-0961,858-434-0940.

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29, May. 2015

Each time I make this request, they hang up on me.

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14, May. 2015

keeps calling then hangs up.

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24, Jan. 2015

Text saying just moved to area and wanted to meet new people

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3, Oct. 2014

This company has been calling for months. I have made previous Complaints.

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2, Oct. 2014

Wow, definitely a scammer. I got an email same as others about the 8 massages they wanted from our business, but later text messages, and that she was needing a hearing surgery at the hospital thing, and asking for a favor.... I stopped there and searched the number and came here. Only difference is the name is now Nancy, but this is obviously a scam.

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25, Sep. 2014

Have asked this organization to stop calling numerous times...

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9, Jul. 2014

This is the same recording, AGAIN!

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4, Apr. 2014

they never leave a message so i never answer the phone. Has anyone actually answered?

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21, Mar. 2014

Just got a call as well but they left no message.

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29, Dec. 2013

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23, Oct. 2013

4175015371 This number called our phone number in NE, but left no message.

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19, Sep. 2013

They call and call and never leave a message. We never answer calls from unknown shown in Caller ID without screening them first.

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28, Mar. 2013

Craigslist scammer.

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26, Nov. 2012

They called my phone this afternoon, and I don't appreciate the call. Remove me from the call list!

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10, Aug. 2012

They call everyday after I have asked them to stop & that I was on the do not call list & it continues everyday & now there is someone on the line but they say nothing it is very annoying!!!!!!

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26, Jun. 2012

These callers impersonate someone telling me to call back. I have received MANY calls from this company over the last year. There was an option, when I returned the call to get them to stop, to be removed from this list. I asked to do so but was hung up on. I have also tried blocking these sorts of calls with my cell phone carrier but then these callers use another phone number.

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13, Apr. 2012

Numerous obscene prank calls from this number