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9, Oct. 2014

No message was left by this caller.

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26, Sep. 2014

have received this call before. Wants to power wash or do any handyman projects.

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5, Jun. 2014

Calls and has bogus information about charges being filed against the owner of the phone

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17, May. 2014

Received text message from this number claiming that they wanted to send a check for wood stove I have listed on Craigslist. I gave this individual my address and after doing so I looked up this number. Needless to say it is listed as a scammer. Further more I received a cashiers check in the amount if $1250.00 when the stove only cost $550.00. I have reported this to my local police and will take check to them.

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23, Jul. 2013

Called & left message to call 866-625-8973, please call back today about an urgent matter!

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19, Jan. 2013

these people have called three or four time during the week prior.

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30, Aug. 2012

They are looking for someone with a name similar to mine. I have told them this previously and they said they would take me off their call list. They continue to call.

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25, Jun. 2012

Keeps calling and hanging up...if they want something they need to stop being a coward and say something..

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11, Jun. 2012

continues to call my cell phone every day for past week, but does not leave a message

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5, Mar. 2012

Received several calls from this number, never leaving a message. I called the number, and the lady that answered would not tell me the name of the company, just said, real sarcastically "You called us"! I told her this number kept calling my home, and I wanted to know who it is. She said unless I gave her my phone number, she did not have to tell me, because I called her. Sounds like a scam to me!

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2, Mar. 2012

second 417-208-xxxx number to call in three days... no message... so no response from me :o)~ i figure it's a sales or collection call, but will never know unless they speak...

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31, Jan. 2012

calls 3 times a week about auto insurance and only wants to speak to my husband have told more then ones I am on a no call list